Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | November 5, 2008

Real Estate Blogging is not just about information; It’s about human connection…

The world of REALTORs dragging customers to Real Estate Websites is shifting; Websites now play a supporting role (and the Oscar for Best Supporting Website goes to…) – what happened? It’s a world of Social Networking and Focused Search… so how do you thread this needle – Blogging!!!

Connecting with CustomersReal Estate Blogging has become an equalizing force in the armor of Real Estate Professionals; in essence it forces REALTORs to connect with the demands of their customers; a trend driven by the needs of Buyers and Sellers – gone are the days of “put the listing in the MLS and wait for the contracts!” Buyers and Sellers demand Value-Added services and validation of professionalism.

Blogging forces expertise to rise and for Real Estate Practitioners to hone their knowledge and market proficiency for the service of their customers… Blogging rejuvenates the old adage “All Real Estate is Local!” by forcing REALTORs and Brokers to offer related information such as Neighborhood, Schools, Municipalities, Lifestyle, Economy, that is updated and strung together by the know-how of the prepared and skilled Real Estate Professional.

So what to make of websites? – think of them as the warehouse of your archived Blogs together with the necessary tools for Property Search, Financing, Mapping, and much much more… Then think of Blogs as your mechanism to reach out and interact with your customers; if you don’t do it someone else will – in fact they are… Blogs add an organic way for Real Estate Professionals to reach the general public and help them negotiate the various layers of the Real Estate transaction.

How about Google? It’s your best friend in this journey; stop thinking of Google as the big mean giant that every SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert makes you fear; think of it as cuddly lovable “Big Bird” full of intelligence and the best of allies… that’s right Google is your best friend… It loves you and it’s time for you to love it back… show it some sugar by Blogging… you do your part it does its by archiving you in the proper category… In fact try to think of Google as a collective intelligence of all your Real Estate Buyers and Sellers – don’t you feel better already!!!

So Start Blogging and Start Connecting…

Web Link: Real Estate Blogging For Human Connection

“Wake up Intentional – The Universe will notice…”

Copyright (c) 2008 – Written by Key Yessaad, Web Trainer for Real Estate Web Trainer LLC.




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