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Exit Realty of Beaufort holds Successful Training Seminar

Exit Realty of Beaufort holds a Successful Blogging Seminar

Exit Realty of Beaufort SCExit Realty of Beaufort, led by Shelia and Greg Bennett, held a Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training Seminar Thursday November 21st with a strong participation of their Real Estate Agents… The session, led by Key Yessaad, focused on the necessity of Beaufort Realtors to find a direct path of connection with their Buyers and Sellers in the Greater Beaufort area and how Blogging opens that path organically.

The 4-hour training seminar was well received and well attended by Shelia Bennett, Greg Bennett, Jeanne SwainLisa Brown, Janice Baker, Tony Hagwood, Richard Neill, Perry Allmond, Kathy Baker, Mary Strick, Kathy Moses, Melissa Evans, and David Thompson.

The demanding course did challenge the Realtors on their preconceived notions of what blogging is, and ended with a commitment of the Beaufort Agents to a plan of action that will be submitted to their Broker in Charge Mr. Greg Bennett. Exit Realty of Beaufort is now on track to add a valuable tool to benefit all their customers in the Beaufort SC Real Estate Market.

Some of what a few agents had to say:

From David Thompson: “I want everyone who is serious about optimizing their time and energy put into their Online Presence to see Key! After an exciting class in Beaufort, SC today I am so much farther ahead in just a few hours than I got in 3 years. Key, your commitment to personal development for Realtors is much appreciated. Thank you for adding tools to my tool belt and for helping me, help others successfully invest in real estate! I can’t wait for your web strategy class. Consider this my reservation!”

From Melissa Evans: “Thank you Key for a very informative morning. It was 4 hours well spent. Your style is “over the top” with energy and enthusiasm for your subject. I learned a lot of real specifics so that I can now improve my internet presence. Thank you very much and I will forward my first 2 blogs for your review. Best regards,”

From Jeanne Swain: “I enjoyed your class tremendously yesterday. Thank you so much for making the trip for us.”

Learn more about the course here: Real Estate Blogging Strategy.

Web Link: Beaufort SC Blogging Training
Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer About the Trainer: Key YessaadReal Estate Web Trainer. To train, inspire, and help Real Estate Professionals succeed is my passion. I have a niche area of expertise which is the combination of Real Estate Web Strategy, Consulting, and Systems Implementation… Inquire about the various Training Classes and Seminars by contacting Key at (910) 538-6610.


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  2. That looks like a good seminar. Was anything said about commenting and building links through comments/blogrolls?

    That point was not in the bullets.

    Key, what are your thoughts on that?

    • Hi Dirk,

      I barely touch on that specific topic since most of the agents are the begining their internet journey… but it is a very good point and I support organic commenting…

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