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Columbia SC Real Estate Web Strategy Training Thursday Jan 22nd

Columbia SC Real Estate Web Strategy

Realtor Training Seminar Thursday 1/22/2009

The Brokers of Exit Realty in Columbia and Lexington South Carolina, Ed Flowers, Brandon Liles, Joe Nester, Lowell Sloan, and Craig Summerall are bringing Key Yessaad to hold a special training on Real Estate Web Strategy January 22nd, 2009.

Columbia SC Real Estate Web Strategy TrainingThe training is designed to help Realtors and Brokers design an Internet Strategy that produces results and transcends the arduous jargon that floats around the Real Estate Industry. Realtors understand that having a successful Web presence is important but getting the right ideas and habits are few and far in between… this course is designed to answer the fundamental questions and offers a Plan of Action that Real Estate Professionals can trust to design an organic Internet Strategy driven by the needs of their Buyers and Sellers. A syllabus of the course follows.

Location: Agape Village
Village Community Center – 128 Agape Village Ct., West Columbia, SC 29169

Date: Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 – 9:30am (please start arriving at 9am)

Duration: 4 hours – ample breaks will be offered.

Cost: $45 (please make checks payable to: Key Yessaad and hand them to your broker. I asked them to hold the checks until I have delivered the training.)

My Commitment: To un-shackle you from the fear of the internet and show you what your Buyers, Sellers and Google want… (Don’t we all want to make Google happy!!!) I will also give you a methodical plan of action to get you going or tweak what you are currently doing…

Course Description: (please read what follows to understand the intention of the course.)

Real Estate Web Strategy

Going beyond the Jargon and into a Successful Internet Real Estate Strategy

Do you plan to get a website? Do you have a website that’s stagnant? Do you feel overwhelmed with the whole endeavor? This is the Seminar for you… many of you have sluggish web strategies that are not producing any results… so what to do?

I designed this course to go beyond the mere discussion of need; to the design of a Real Estate Web Strategy that drives traffic and results. You will leave empowered and with a plan of action and a full-understanding of what is currently happening in the realm of Real Estate Websites.

I am Vendor-Agnostic and will share with you what I have seen work; I will show you what to demand from your vendor and will help you make the right decision. It is not the Vendor that matters; it is your habits and discipline I am going to focus on…

This course was designed to enhance the ability of Real Estate Professionals to compete in an ever increasing spirited Internet Landscape…

This course used to be called: “I don’t have a Web Strategy – How do I get started?” It has now evolved to include all the major topics of Real Estate Internet Strategies. Bring your assistant, your web guru, your cousin Vinnie who dabbles in websites – they will learn how to help you focus on the most important part about having a Real Estate website. Realtor Websites are of a different nature than regular ones – I will explain all this in the class…

I will cover the following topics in the Seminar:

  1. Should you get a Real Estate website? And why?
  2. How do you select the best Web Services Company? What are the important tools of a Real Estate Website?
  3. Domain Names: How do I get one? Where and How much?
    Should I get more than one? And why? How do I hook them up together?
  4. How do I get started?
    Will I be able to understand the Web jargon? (Let me give you the answer: Yes)
  5. How expensive is it going to be? (I will show you how to get started for FREE!)
  6. How much work will I have to put in? Is it worth the effort? And how often?
  7. What is IDX? And do I need it? Shouldn’t I just use my MLS IDX? And What is Sticky IDX?
  8. How about Blogging? Is it important?
  9. How can my Assistant help me grow my website?
  10. What are Pay-per-clicks? Do they Work and generate leads?

I will have time for all your questions… Remember: bringing your tech guy/gal to this class will help you and will focus him/her on your Real Estate Web needs…

Read what Exit Charlotte Agents had to say about the training on 1/6/2009

Joan Hileman - Exit Realty South“What a fabulous training session!! Knowing that I needed to get on the website “bus” before it got completely out of sight was my motivation to attend your training session here in Charlotte on January 5th. My 2009 motto: New Year and New Strategies for Success. I not only learned valuable information that I will be able to put to use right away ( Can you say Blogging..Where Content is King!) you have excited me about diving in to this heretofore scary place. After your enthusiastic and thorough training, the only people who aren’t motivated to get rolling with this are either dead or in a coma. Thank you and I look forward to your next training session here in Charlotte in February.” – Joan Hileman.


Jay Tracey - Exit Realty The Tracey GroupA Recommendation from a Broker: Jay Tracey – 11/16/2008 – Attended Real Estate Web Strategy 11/15/2008 in Charleston “As Broker-in-Charge and Owner of an Exit Realty franchise, I have had the opportunity to meet many trainers, coaches, and consultants over the last 10 years. None approach Keys unique ability. A quick look in the dictionary for the word ‘energy’ and you will find Keys bio attached. Keys presentations about Blogging, Website strategies, and click marketing are absolutely eye opening. You can’t help but be 100% involved as Key brings his incredible knowledge and unprecedented enthusiasm to all of his presentations. Any Corporation would be lucky to land this rising star. Thanks Key, for all you have done for us. Jay Tracey.


Training brought to Columbia SC thanks to the following Brokers!!!

Ed Flowers - Exit Sandlapper Realty

Brandon Liles - Exit Midlands Realty

Joe Nester - Exit Agape Real Estate Services

Lowell Sloan - Exit Realty Partners

Craig Summerall - Exit Real Estate Consultants

Ed Flowers
Exit Sandlapper Realty

Brandon Liles
Exit Midland Realty

Joe Nester
Exit Agape Real Estate Services

Lowell Sloan
Exit Realty Partners

Craig Summerall
Exit Real Estate Consultants

Real Estate Web Strategy Training - Columbia SC 1/22/2009

Web Link: Columbia SC Real Estate Web Strategy
PDF Link: Real-Estate-Web-Strategy-Columbia-SC.pdf
Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer About the Trainer: Key YessaadReal Estate Web Trainer. To train, inspire, and coach Real Estate Professionals succeed is my passion. I have a niche area of expertise which is the combination of Real Estate Web Strategy, Consulting, and Systems Implementation… Inquire about the various Real Estate Training Seminars. 



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