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Why the Emphasis on Strategy? – Garner NC Real Estate Training

Why the Emphasis on Strategy? – Garner NC Real Estate Training

Success Strategy - Real Estate Web Strategy Garner TrainingMethodical, diligent work that adds up to something meaningful is the cornerstone of success in all endeavors. For the longest time, and for many Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate has been about the pursuit of the deal; and although there is nothing wrong in chasing deals, especially in a market like this one, lots of energy is expanded and it seems as though the Realtor is re-inventing the wheel with each transaction. (and for many it creates a lack of discipline and focus.)

To Strategize is to have a method to your madness, a trusted routine that helps “create” each work day, and accumulates to weeks and months of measurable accomplishments… I am not talking about goals, those are the fruit of your labor – I am talking about the steps and activities that make up your goals. For example, let us assume you have an Effectiveness Conversion rate of 30 to 1; meaning that if you spoke to 30 people about Real Estate you will convert one into a client; and let us assume you desired to have 2 clients a month; your life is therefore quite simple: You must have 720 Real Estate Conversations a year, but better yet: it translates into 3 conversations a workday… By focusing on the strategy you will then create the conditions that force you to have 3 conversations with potential clients each workday and you will make sure your day does not end without this occurring… You have just moved from the realm of thinking and gnawing at your thoughts into the realm of action… (I hear some of you saying to me – well give me the 3 people a day and I will show you; WRONG: You are in Real Estate and no one gives you anything… everything is earned and successful Realtors know that. PS: Successful Agents turn this Discipline on its head! They create the conditions for the world to send them enough Real Estate Contacts to convert Sales…)

But no matter, the example above does not seem to have anything to do with my trainings (Real Estate Internet Strategy.) It sure does: The Internet, Google, Blogs, and Social Media don’t really matter if we are not talking; If “We are Talking We are Selling.” I train Brokers and Realtors how to compete online and I give them a “Strategy” for Success: this means Planning, Long Term Implementation, Weekly Application, and a Vision to hold it all together…

The Internet is the platform of communication with our clients and it needs to be embraced Thoughtfully and Strategically!!!

A Good Strategist has the following qualities: 
    • Is Ultimately Responsible. 
    • Sees Problems as Opportunities to Improve. 
    • Balances Short- and Long-term Needs. 
    • Keeps Calm when the unexpected occurs. 
    • Is a Skilled Communicator.

Garner Real Estate Web Strategy TrainingThe Brokers of Exit Realty in the Garner / Raleigh Area of North Carolina, George White, Johnnyette Taylor, and Keith Burch are holding a special training on Real Estate Web Strategy Thursday February 19th, 2009, and led by Key Yessaad.

The training is designed to help Realtors and Brokers devise an Internet Strategy that produces results and transcends the arduous jargon that floats around the Real Estate Industry. Real Estate Professionals understand that having a successful Web presence is important but getting the right ideas and habits are few and far between… this course intends to answer the fundamental questions and offers a Plan of Action that Realtors can trust to design an organic Real Estate Internet Strategy driven by the needs of their Buyers and Sellers. This is a true Real Estate Training – nothing will be sold nor does the trainer affiliate with any vendors. Details on Garner Training.

Ed Flowers - Exit Sandlapper Realty “Thank you for an unbelievable class yesterday! I have been “somewhat” in touch with technology over the years but you really showed me how far behind I have fallen. Your class was excellent and precisely what is needed to be competitive in today’s real estate market. The depth of knowledge and ideas you shared were priceless! Also, the specific plan of action to implement these ideas really sets you apart from all the other trainers. You have truly empowered me to get my real estate web strategy back on track!” – Ed Flowers – Broker/Owner, Columbia SC.

Joe Nester - Exit Agape Real Estate Services “Wow, does not begin to describe the high intensity learning experience you will receive by attending Key Yessaad’s web strategy training. This is the type of information that can be intimidating for agents and brokers alike. Key’s incredible knowledge and entertaining teaching style will break it down into small bites that everyone will be able to digest.” – Joe Nester.

Brandon Liles - Exit Midlands Realty “The information was nothing short of astounding! I am consistently amazed at the progression technology makes and even better how we utilize these tools for our clients benefit. I know that all of the agents who participated, left the seminar more knowledgeable about how we can help our clients and increase our business! Thanks Key (again) for giving us a peek behind the web curtain!” – Brandon Liles.

Craig Summerall - Exit Real Estate Consultants “Key, as promised your seminar today was great. As you know this is the second time I have attended this training and it was even more beneficial the second time around. It was great to see the excitement on the faces of the attendees and know that they are being empowered to move their career forward. I know I speak for my office when I say we can’t wait to have you back in March.” – Craig Summerall.

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Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer About the Trainer: Key YessaadReal Estate Web Trainer. To train, inspire, and coach Real Estate Professionals succeed is my passion. I have a niche area of expertise which is the combination of Real Estate Web Strategy, Consulting, and Systems Implementation… Inquire about the various Real Estate Training Seminars. 

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