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What’s in a Real Estate Website? Hum… Simmer in some Links with Ctrl-K!!!

What’s in a Real Estate Website? Hum… Simmer in some Links with Ctrl-K!!!

Key Training in Garner NC - Real Estate Web Strategy - February 2009Real Estate Websites come in all shapes and forms but an important ingredient in their makeup has remained obscure… When I ask Brokers and Realtors: “What’s a Web Page?” – they are stumped!!! They keep seeking philosophical answers that go beyond the obvious components of a Web Page. I hear everything but the obvious ingredients such as: text, pics and links…

It can’t be that easy…

I claim: “Anyone can create a “Web Page!””

I claim: “Putting together a “Web Page” is easier than using Microsoft Word!”

I claim: “You start with a Web Page to create a Website! (Duhhh!!!)”

I claim: “There is nothing inherently different between a “Web Page” and a “Blog Page.” – One allows for comments the other not!”

I claim: “Those who commit themselves to Blogging (Writing a Web Page) once a week will have the highest visibility in their Real Estate Market!!!”

Feb 19th, 2009: Led by George White at Exit Realty Professionals and joined by a big group from Fayetteville under the leadership of Tom Vick and Michelle Shortsleeve, Key Yessaad held a training on Real Estate Web Strategy that was well recieved by all Exit Participants: Debi Bobo , Keith Burch, Julie Chastain, Clark Cook, Tony Craver , Dan Helmer, John Huber, Neal Pettijohn, Candilee Quigley, Christina Sams, Michelle Shortsleeve, Paul Smith, Johnnyette Taylor, Luther A. Tinsley Jr., Tom Vick, Rhonda Westbrook, George White, Paulette Williams, and Melinda Wright.

So how do I proceed?

  1. You must be able to put words together into sentences and paragraphs – we call that writing. Everyone is capable of doing this. You cannot be a story-teller without the ability to write. But don’t fret we are not looking for brilliant discourse; you are focusing on sharing the happenings of your community to the general public – and using blogs is the way to go. You get the point?!
  2. Inserting pictures would be nice – but not required…
  3. The only ingredient left to add are links – it’s so easy… Ctrl-K. Yes by using the combination of Keys on your Keyboard “CTRL” and “K” you create a link.
  4. The web would not exist without links – you are always headed somewhere else on the web by clicking on links. In fact the internet would be called a “Book” if it did not have links; Right!?
  5. So how do you create a link? Easy…
  • (a.) Know your destination: Each web page has an address; it’s called a URL. You will see it in your browser:
  • (b.) Copy that Page Address. (Select the URL and hit Ctrl-C; or Right-Click and select Copy.)
  • (c.) Select and highlight the text you want to link: for example in the sentence: “Key Yessaad is a Real Estate Web Trainer.” I want to link the words “Real Estate Web Trainer” to the address above.
  • (d.) Hit “Ctrl-K” by holding the Control Key “CTRL” and tapping the letter “K” – a window will pop and all you have to do is Paste (Ctrl-V) the URL address you copied in step (b.)
  • (e.) You are done: You will end up with something like this:
    “Key Yessaad is a Real Estate Web Trainer.”
    if you click on the link it will then take you to the page on step (a)
  • (f.) Remember: You can link anything to anywhere. And isn’t that the essence of the Web…?!


So start Blogging and become your local community expert – stop pretending you have expertise in every aspect of Real Estate and become locally focused and customer oriented; you will love the results and your clients will love you!!!

Some of the Particpants Testimonials:


Tom Vick, Broker/Owner, Exit Realty 1st Class Tom emailing a Regional Owner Colleague: “I wanted to email you to let you know about a training that has just become available to us here in the Carolinas. We just completed the first training here in our office. I will say this about the workshop! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, THE BEST TRAINING I HAVE EVER BEEN TO EVER! The training was conducted by Key Yessaad. Our agents were so impressed with how quickly you can generate results that we signed up our entire office for a SATURDAY hands on with Key.
I have struggled for 3 years trying to get internet ranking and have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to no avail. In one day and less than three minutes of work Key got me to page one on GOOGLE! What is really amazing was it didn’t cost me a penny and will never cost me a penny to stay there. I have one agent that has spent over $5,000 trying to get a top ranking to no avail. He was able to go from no presence to top of the Google ranking in under three minutes.” – Tom Vick, Broker/Owner – Exit Realty 1st Class.

Tony Craver, Owner / Broker-in Charge, Exit Realty Southpoint. “Key, I have been attending training and continuing education classes in real estate for over forty years and I want to tell you that your class was one of the best I have ever taken. It was informative, up to date, extremely timely and useful, and challenging. I look forward to future classes. I must admit, I had no idea you were going to be that entertaining as well.” – Tony Craver, Broker/Owner – Exit Realty Southpoint.

Rhonda Westbrook, Broker, Exit Realty First Choice. “I wanted to send you a thank you for all the information you supplied to us today. I really enjoyed myself and learned more than I could have imagined. I plan on attending your other meetings and I will be bringing other agents from our office. Thank you again.” – Rhonda Wesbrook, Realtor/Broker.

Keith Burch, Broker/Owner - Exit Realty First Choice. “I enjoyed the training and most of all enjoyed the company. I hope we will be in touch in the future as we move forward. Thanks for putting so much effort into your training. I hope other Exit offices understand what you are doing.” – Keith Burch, Broker/Owner – Exit Realty First Choice.

Candilee Quigley, Realtor/Broker. “Key, Thank you so much for the training, I am looking forward to the next session and I am hoping you and Tom can work something out for you to come to the Fayetteville office.” – Candilee Quigley, Realtor.

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Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer About the Trainer: Key YessaadReal Estate Web Trainer. To train, inspire, and coach Real Estate Professionals succeed is my passion. I have a niche area of expertise which is the combination of Real Estate Web Strategy, Consulting, and Systems Implementation… Inquire about the various Real Estate Training Seminars. 

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  1. Most Realtors and business owners are not starting with the basics. They higher a website designer thinking they will do the basics and they don’t. Blogging and commenting on other blogs is the most important aspect of my websites high ranking.

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