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Google integrates Real Estate Listings within Google Maps

Real Estate Listings and Google Maps – Innocuous Right? Think Again!


Big changes happen with a whimper at times and many are not prepared for the consequences of their implementation – some call that The Frog Effect; look it up – it will illuminate the intricacies of Human Behavior.


Google Integrates Real Estate Listings in Google Maps - What does it mean?Google integrates Real Estate Listings within its Google Maps Platform. The Masters of Simplicity have done it again and the consumer is going to love it; they will welcome a venue that keeps Real Estate Agents at Arm’s Length – at least in beginning of their Search. Some Realtors and Industry leaders may even fear it – but it is here; so let’s understand it and embrace it!!!


Want to have a look at it – go to Google Maps ( and in the Search Bar type in for example (Brevard NC Real Estate) – it will look something like this:


Google Maps integrates Real Estate Listings


So what does this change mean:


1. If you built a website in order to attract Buyers, and are spending lots of money on Ad clicks you should worry. That model will continue for some time but as the consumer finds that they can perform all of their Searches on Google Maps why bother then with websites that require registration in order to have access to the information.


2. In effect your website has a new competitor… now there are hundreds of other competitors – but many view Google as the greatest force on the internet. The Million Pound Gorilla – and the consumer currently trusts the Google Brand.


3. Will Google Monetize from this model – ABSOLUTELY!!! in fact the biggest share of Marketing Real Estate is made by Google. Google has been in the Real Estate Business for Years – many failed to notice that Click-Marketing is a brilliant model that pits agents and agencies against each other and the highest bidder Wins (some say the Highest Bidder Loses – you decide!!!)


4. The Search for properties in Google Maps is simple – it combines simple Search Criteria that users love with powerful mapping. How is your Search in your website? Have you integrated that horrific Search Page that comes with your MLS in your website thinking that more is better. Remember that Google succeeds because it offers simplicity…






I say you can make Google your friend!!!


1. FACT: The consumer loves working with Professional Real Estate Agents who offer great value – I see it day-in and day-out; in fact those professionals account for almost 85% of all the Real Estate Transactions. Keep investing in your Professionalism and offer Superb Customer Service.


2. FACT: The Consumer is tired of Loser Agents who have 2 or 3 jobs on the side and are doing Real Estate as a Part-Time venture; these agents harm the reputation of all REALTORs and the standards of Professionalism should be raised not lowered; and it all starts at the brokerage level!!!


3. Two Thirds of your business should be focused on Listings. Help your Sellers and you will get the Buyers. Your Sales Force should be properly trained on both Internet and Traditional Marketing. Putting a Listing in the MLS is NOT enough…


4. Focusing on Listings forces you to be connected to the community – Have a clear Listings Services Agreement and offer Performance Guarantees. STOP being the next Mediocre REALTOR – elevate the game of your agency and serve your Real Estate Sellers.


5. The Google Maps integration of Listings will mean that Listings Agents are going to get the majority of the calls from potential Buyers; design the remaining third of your business around strong Buyers’ Agents with High Ethics and with Strong Customer Service. Evaluate their performance and seek input from your clients. Entertain having a Chinese wall between the 2-sides of the transaction – this usually angers many agents and agencies but it is high time we place it on the table as an industry.


6. Remember: We never market a listing by itself we market it within the community, neighborhood, town, etc… You MUST become the Community Expert; from schools, to jobs, to city council ordinances, etc… – you are the listing expert because you are the community expert.


7. Open up your website and offer more data for your Buyers such as Price Reduction History, Property History, Community Information, etc…









The points I offer for your review are few and by no means are they comprehensive – please share with me your views and your insights… I especially welcome Industry Leaders to become much more engaged and not just critiques – share with your colleagues Solutions that benefit the Real Estate Consumer.



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