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Leverage Your EXIT MidSouth Membership to Benefit Your Visibility

Leverage Your EXIT MidSouth Membership to Benefit You

Member of EXIT MidSouth Network

You are the first adopters of the EXIT MidSouth Network and buzz is starting to build – Welcome to your network.

You may be asking yourself: How do I leverage this network for me?

As an Internet strategist I will be adding tips, articles, and ideas you can use to leverage your Internet Visibility. My philosophy is driven by the simple idea: If you, the Real Estate Professional, is highly visible on the internet and more precisely “Bend Google to your Will”, our agencies and our networks will succeed – but more importantly our customers will benefit most.

This article is about how to make your profile visible and create relationship that enhance your Internet visibility.

Let’s first tackle your question – why bother?:

a. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are indexing with a vengeance – early adopters who drive traffic back to their profile will benefit from appearing on page 1 of Google quickly as well as accrue Page Rank and Link Juice.

b. The Network is bigger than you – think of FaceBook, Trulia, etc… the early adopters of those network have more content, more connections, and therefore more Google Juice.

c. unlike other network all links are live on EXIT Midsouth. This means that you build continued visibility to your website, listings, blogs – whereas networks like FaceBook are link-cloaked and pass no Google love to you.

d. I will stop here because I can add 30 to 50 more reasons why you ought to read this blog, become a member, and link your profile for higher visibility – in fact I plan on doing so in the weeks to come.

Now your turn – Let’s make your profile visible:

1. When you become a Member of EXIT MidSouth Network you will have the opportunity to share your profile, picture, and contact information – nothing new here. (PS: future blogs and articles will focus on the type of information you ought to write and link – Mike Grumbles has an excellent Forum entry on this topic.)

2. Your Member Profile has a unique link: for example my unique link on the network is:

Of course your id number will different then mine (50712372) – just visit your Members section and click on your profile and your full URL link will appear in the address bar.

3. use this icon below and link it to your profile. (Remember: all you need to remember is Ctrl-K to make links – email me if you ever get stuck! PS: Mike is an expert at this.)

Member of EXIT MidSouth Network

The sample Member icon is currently linked to my profile…

Place it in the destination you desire, your website, blog, etc…

Hold the CTRL Key and hit “K” and change the id number to your number.

4. Place this icon in your website, blog, and every channel on the internet. Visit my website and you will find the logo at the bottom of all my pages – I placed it my footer. Those of you who control your website and your footer ought to place it there.

5. a Video from Mike Grumbles will be posted shortly – and don’t forget to contact me if you have any questions

6. For those of you Coders – here is the HTML: Just replace the profile id with yours (Bold):


<a title=”Proud Member of EXIT MidSouth Network” href=”” target=_blank><img style=”WIDTH: 120px; HEIGHT: 43px” border=0 alt=”Member of EXIT MidSouth Network” src=”; longDesc=”Member of EXIT MidSouth Network”></a>

You are done; now let’s your Google juice start to flow…

Focus on this Essential Real Estate Internet Objective: “It is central that you bring your Real Estate Internet Services in-house and within your control; make it a daily habit to implement Internet Marketing Solutions that solve the problems and aspirations of your Real Estate Buyers, Sellers, and Investors – embrace your Internet Visibility; and don’t be confused by Real Estate SEO!” – Stay in touch on Real Estate Internet Marketing and Key on Facebook!

“Drive your Real Estate Knowledge – Don’t let SEO drive your confusion!” – Key Yessaad

Real Estate Internet and SEO Trainings - Extreme Niche Marketing

Quote: “It’s not the medium – it’s the Story; It’s not the internet – it’s the Story; It’s not your office – it’s the Story; Tell me a Story and I will become your customer…” – zenkey


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