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Murfreesboro TN Real Estate Training – Internet Marketing Success March 19th 2010

Murfreesboro TN Real Estate Training: Internet Marketing Success

Friday March 19th 2010 in Murfreesboro Tennessee
You must understand Google, Internet Marketing, and how to use Blogs to climb organically! – Let’s get the knowledge and habits of working on your Internet Visibility and use it to get Listings and help our Real Estate Clients…

Murfreesboro TN Real Estate Training: Google Marketing Success - Seminar Designed by Key Yessaad

The Broker/Owners of Exit Realty Bob Lamb & Associates in Murfreesboro TN, Bob Lamb and Jeramie Taber, in partnership with EXIT Midsouth invite their Real Estate Professionals to participate in a special training on Real Estate Internet Marketing, Internet Visibility, and Google Organic Ranking. (PDF Link)

PS: Due to Space this training is limited to the Agents and Brokers of EXIT Realty Bob Lamb & Associates.

Internet Agents Earn 3 times the Income of Traditional Agents ($100K+ versus $36K) – Read this important article by RISMedia.

Every Real Estate Professional understands that having a successful Internet Strategy is important but getting the right ideas and habits are few and far between… this course intends to answer the fundamental questions and offers a Plan of Action that Realtors can trust to design an organic Real Estate Internet Strategy driven by the needs of their Buyers and Sellers.


Location: Office of Exit Realty Bob Lamb & Associates

Date: Friday, March 19th, 2010 – 9:30am (please start arriving at 9am)

Duration: 5.5 hours – ample breaks will be offered.

Cost: $59 (please make checks payable to: Key Yessaad)

This is a Closed Training

My Commitment: To empower you to embrace the internet and show you what your Buyers, Sellers, and Google want… (When we get Google to care – would be customers find us easily…) I will also give you a methodical plan of action to get you going or tweak what you are currently doing…

Google Visibility is about content and properly placed links…

I believe that those who bring their web services and processes in-house will succeed. The days of calling an off-site “Web Designer” or “Tech Guy” to maintain your day to day web pages are over… There is still value on having Web Professionals get you going but it is a shared responsibility; in fact your Web Designer” should be following your lead NOT the reverse… It is neither the Vendor nor the Product that matters; it is your habits and discipline I am going to focus on… Your strategy must lead to Google Visibility…

This Workshop was designed to enhance the ability of Real Estate Professionals compete in an ever increasing spirited Internet Landscape…


Main Topic: How to rank in Google Organically and provide Internet Marketing to your clients

The training will include the following ideas and strategies:

  1. What is Internet Marketing? you may think you know the answer – the ideas in the training will challenge you and will give you and edge over your competition.
  2. How does Google Rank Websites? Shouldn’t you know? Shouldn’t you become the local Internet Expert?
  3. How do I layout a Web Page and a Blog to become visible on the Internet?
  4. How do I make my Blogs Sticky? What is Internet Stickiness?
  5. How do I use these ideas to enhance Listings and serve my Sellers better?
  6. What are the Fundamental Ideas of SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a buzz word but very few truly illuminate it – what should I know?
  7. Is there an effective way to Market our Real Estate Listings? <hint: Yes>
  8. What is Internet Architecture and how to measure Internet Scale?
  9. Linking the right way – tons of examples… Links are the essence of the Internet – you MUST understand their importance, learn to use them properly, and use them to drive traffic to your website.
  10. What is Blogging – and can it help me?
  11. How do I create a Page then convert it to a Blog? Is there a structure to these pages that works?
  12. How do I add good pages to my blog that drive traffic back to me…?
  13. How much programming should I learn in order to become a good blogger? <hint: None…>
  14. and Much much more…
  15. Bring all your questions and don’t forget your assistant. You will love this class; you will feel liberated and ready to conquer your online market!!!

The questions Real Estate Professionals must answer for their would-be clients are the following:

“How can I tell that you have expertise in my Real Estate Market?”

“Can I validate you online with Buzz around your Market expertise?”

“Is the information I find online about you fluff or substance?”

This Training is considered and Intensive and will incorporate Web Structure, Web Link Integration, and Page Management.

If you have more Money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more Brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.” – Guy Kawasaki

A Must in your Real Estate SEO Objective: “It is central that you bring your Real Estate Internet Services in-house and within your control; make it a daily habit to implement Internet Marketing Solutions that solve the problems and aspirations of your Real Estate Buyers, Sellers, and Investors – embrace your Internet Visibility; and don’t be confused by Real Estate SEO!” – Stay in touch on Real Estate Internet Marketing and Key on Facebook!

“Drive your Real Estate Knowledge – Don’t let SEO drive your confusion!” – Key

Real Estate Internet and SEO Trainings - Extreme Niche Marketing

“If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn

Real Estate Internet Marketing and SEO Trainings by Key Yessaad – Your Search Engine and Google Mentor


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Real Estate Internet Strategy Training

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Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training

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Real Estate Database Strategy Training

Real Estate Social Networking Training - Driving Google to your website using Social Media
Real Estate Social Networking Training

Real Estate Web Advanced Training - Google Visibility and Links, Links, Links
Real Estate Web Advanced Training

Key Yessaad holding a training on Internet Marketing
Key Yessaad Training on Internet Marketing

Testimonials from Previous Trainings:


Mike Grumbles - CFO EXIT MidSouth Realty

“I attended the web strategy training with Key on Tuesday the 14th of July and the content and method of presentation was phenomenal, but I was totally sold when after following his steps, I got the first 5 returns out of 10 on page 1 of Google. That is 50% coverage on page 1 of the search engine that has over 72% of all search traffic, AMAZING. All I did was …… I can’t tell you! You have to join EXIT and take the course so Key can get your mind right for the Google Juice.”

Thanks, you have brought many things into perspective for me in Real Estate. I will stop the unproductive and focus on the productive again.” – Mike Grumbles – CFO EXIT MidSouth Realty in Tennessee.

Jason Jacques - Broker/Owner of Exit Realty in Brevard North Carolina

“Thank you so much for offering this training on web strategy. It is great to see your passion and enthusiasm. I would recommend any agent that has the time and energy to invest in their web strategy and their business to sign up for the next class available with Key. In fact I would recommend it sooner than later because one day soon Key will figure out the info is near priceless and he might try to charge what it is worth! (Ha Ha) You can pay thousands to the big SEO companies or you take the classes offered by Key and do it yourself.” – Jason Jacques, Broker/Owner of Exit Realty in Brevard NCBrevard NC Real Estate

Craig Summerall, Broker/Owner Exit Real Estate Consultants, Lexington SC. Attended Real Estate Blogging Strategy in Columbia SC Thursday March 19th.

“Key, thanks again for the outstanding training/information/guidance/and “kick in the pants” you provided yesterday, March 19 for the EXIT agents in the Columbia area. Your enthusiasm is tremendous and the knowledge agents now have will allow them to properly position themselves in their respective markets. We look forward to seeing you again in May!” – Craig Summerall, Broker/Owner Exit Real Estate Consultants, Lexington SC. Attended Real Estate Blogging Strategy in Columbia SC Thursday March 19th. Lexington SC Real Estate

Greg Bennett - Broker/Owner Exit Realty of Beaufort SC

“Incredible, barely describes the level of expertise of Key Yessaad.
I have personally met with web designers, programmers, IT gurus, etc. Their combined knowledge doesn’t even equal the holistic approach of Key’s understanding of the web.
I have spent tens of 1,000s of dollars for the “perfect” website and lead capture systems, with poor results. After attending a 4 hour Blog training session with Key, I posted 2 Blogs and was on page 1 of Google in position 1,2 4 and 6 and had 2 sellers contact me within 72 hours
.” – Greg Bennett – CEO EXIT Realty in Beaufort SC. Beaufort SC Real Estate

Joe Nester - Broker/Owner Exit Agap&eacute; Real Estate Services

“Key not only shows you how the internet and Goggle work, he also teaches you everything you need to know to start building Goggle visibility for your web-site. Every class has an action plan for the student to implement. The methods and techniques are valid and verifiable. The potential power of understanding and implementing the strategy is unlimited. read more…” – Joe Nester – Broker/Owner Exit Agapé Real Estate Services. – West Columbia SC Real Estate

Murfreesboro TN Real Estate Training: Google Marketing Success - Seminar Designed by Key Yessaad

Web Link: Murfreesboro TN Real Estate Training – Google Marketing Success March 19th 2010
PDF Link: murfreesboro-tn-real-estate-google-marketing-training.pdf
Local Blog: Murfresboro Real Estate Training on Google Marketing Success
Exit MidSouth Blog: Murfreesboro Real Estate Training on Google Marketing Success

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Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer and Internet StrategistKey Yessaad – Real Estate SEO Trainings and Internet Strategies. To provide powerful trainings, motivate, and coach Real Estate Professionals is my passion. I specialize in training Realtors to compete online and understand the key elements of Real Estate SEO. My Trainings and Internet Strategies intersect in my seminars with powerful ideas and Plans of Actions that produce results. Google or call me (910) 538-6610 and let’s discuss how I can help your Agents climb the Google Tree of Success. I can tailor my Real Estate Seminars to the level of sophistication of your agents and I promise they will leave inspired and will produce results!!! Read some of the Realtors Testimonials. Posts on a Greater Town Board for Real Estate Internet Marketing Ideas and Trainings.

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