Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | November 30, 2010

Understanding Search Decisions and Incubation

Understanding your Internet Marketing must include understand the way your customers search on the internet… Expect days of incubation; in fact the example below shows how buying shoes on the internet is driven by persistent switching between websites and even between brands…

Search Decisions and Incubation


Searching Decision Activity – “Which Shoes to Buy?”

Shoes, Homes, iPods, Cars, – they may all seem different to the professional Salesperson – but consumers are clamoring for the process to be the same… easy, thoughtful, informational, and void of gimmickry.

In the above Search Sequence the user spent nearly an hour switching between websites to find the perfect shoes – it 1s always about the shoes and the experience on the site; the user has a desire and she needs to quench it…

How is the Search Experience in your website? have you pretended to be a consumer and searched on your website – how was the experience? have you overly focused on SEO and forgotten the fundamentals? How about your Sellers – do they like what you do for them online? Do you still think that Shoes and Homes are different for the would be Internet Visitor – you will soon be very surprised; Yes the incubation experience is longer in Real Estate but a good Zappos Website always wins at the end.


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