Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 6, 2010

Internet Scrappers use your Content for SEO

When Real Estate Professionals fail to pursue their own Internet Marketing Placement they open the door to Internet Scrappers who armed with a license start selling you leads;

How do they do it you ask…?

Simple, they use your listings, your IDX feed, your MLS, to aggregate giant websites with the proper SEO Rules, move up organically and turn back and sell you leads that are looking at your listings.

Oh yeah – they then come up with names such as the Real Estate Referral Network or some convoluted big name to impress you.

It is your job to claim the internet and you must not fear this process… Your Marketing on the Internet is your Job; this not about the commission you earn – this is about your local business reputation – so:

  • Focus on your Neighborhoods,
  • Focus on your Listings,
  • Focus on your Sellers,
  • Learn the fundamentals of Internet Marketing ,
  • Roll up Your Sleeves and start Marketing (Blogging.)

SEO is used to confuse you – you can no longer afford to be in the dark.


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