Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 9, 2010

You must understand Internet Crawling

What if you started thinking of the Internet as our national Airline system; regardless of what Airline you use you will have to have an Airport to take off from as well as land on; So in effect the national and international System of Airlines, Planes, Pilots, etc… an be reduced to Airports or Hubs that airplanes must rely on. Those Nodes or Hubs are connected to other Hubs through flights or “Links” – on the Internet they are called “Hyperlinks.” Many of these Hubs are regional and receive 1 or 2 landings and take-offs a day, others like Atlanta Georgia will get thousands of such as well as many more competitors vying for the highest visibility.

How to Understand Internet Crawling: Airports are Web Pages - Flights are Hyperlinks

How to Understand Internet Crawling: Airports are Web Pages - Flights are Hyperlinks


The Internet is an amalgamation of hubs (Web Pages, etc…) connected by Links (Hyperlinks) to guide you from this location to the next – You must understand that crawling and Indexing is driven by Hyperlinks.

The way Search Engines guide their crawlers to map out the whole Internet is by hopping on flights and marking each Hub (Hyperlink) and following the planes that leave that location to other destinations (other Web pages that have Links…)

As you proceed to build your Internet Visibility think of yourself as a Stop, a small Airport in your local town – you need to find planes that fly to your Airport or no one will ever hear of you – Links or Hyperlinks are the glue on the internet; from other Stops to your stop – the More connections from Big Airports and Big Airlines to your Location the more visitors.

Resolve yourself to share your Story and find ways to link it on other hubs – the bigger the hub the more notice you will get; that is the essence of SEO.



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