Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 10, 2010

Search Relevance is the first step in your SEO Visibility Journey

Search Engines endeavor to provide Searchers with relevant responses to their inquiries – and, probably, every person reading this is saying – “Duh!!!”

Yet time and again as I interact with participants in my Workshops they would interject something like: “My competitor appears on Page 1 and I don’t – why?”

Then I ask: “What Search Phrase are you not coming up for?”

Inadvertently they will say something like: “Anytown USA Real Estate.”

“Well, let’s look at your Website Content!” I interject, and 99 times out of 100 the primary information in their website is their name and the Brand they are licensed at. What they fail to understand is that their primary content is driven by the marketing of themselves and their Brand; which is ok – but they fail to focus on is localized content; and I don’t mean the selling of Real Estate in the whole State.

Search Relevance is the first step in your SEO Journey

Search Relevance is the first step in your Internet Visibility Journey

What is unfortunate is many agents believe that Search Engines understand their business and can decipher relevance, as though through Magic…

Here is the Bad News: “The fact that you are licensed in North Carolina and you say so in your website does not make your information Relevant to Searchers on the internet seeking solutions in Murphy North Carolina. Worse, the fact that you mention in your home page that you work in say Fayetteville NC does not make you the most Relevant content for those seeking Listings Solutions in Fayetteville.”

Relevance means focused Rich Content on your primary market.

Relevance means deep content not only about you and your Brand, Relevance means rich content about the Real Estate Market you specialize in – this is an essential step; without this content you will fail Step One of SEO, which is “Content Relevant to Searchers,” and it ain’t always about you.


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