Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 12, 2010

What are your Search Engine Signals?

Many involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) follow Ranking Factors or the components of Ranking Algorithms; but did you know that Google prefers calling them Signals – and when you think about it that is a better term.

Signals are markers that other can use to follow the direction of the signaler (think of driving the National Highways – you encounter all kind of Signals and Markers that help you get to your destination,) – in other words if my website focuses on Real Sales in Franklin Tennessee I must make sure that I have Markers that Signal Google and Bing to know that.

Yes, Yes… this may seem like a simple idea but I spend 2 hours today talking to someone who has been trying to implement an Organic Strategy for nearly two years and in one fell swoop realized that his website was about him and the brand and Not the Signals that Search Engines must see to give him visibility in his local market.

So what now?

Visit your website with new eyes and ask yourself – What Signals is my Website sending? Do I have Markers that focus on my local Market? If you have the courage to unravel your content through this prism you will be well on your way towards a Real Estate SEO Strategy that produces results.

PS: This is for the advanced users who have studied SEO and are experts in the field – please note that I do not write for you, I would be insulting your intelligence if I did; I write for a select group of Real Estate Professionals who are hungry for this information and who are tired of spending thousands of dollars in failed strategies – they truly want to understand these ideas in order to become true Real Estate Marketers. – Key Yessaad.

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