Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 13, 2010

Don’t Robo me Bro!

Vendors must understand that they work for us…

An illusion surfaced ever since the advent of computers and here it is: “Programmers will solve the problems of consumers” – and yep the best programming minds keep trying… Think how the Fifties and Sixties were driven by the giant IBM… unfortunately many of them keep trying to build solutions without input from their users, in fact Programmers pretend they know better than their users – after all they are the smart ones.

Programmers are awesome at building Tools, NOT Solutions…

I have had an ongoing battle with programmers, Web Designers, Web Developers, and the like on these fundamentals… You, the Wed Developer, get to build tools – You, the Real Estate Professional, will utilize these tools to build your business. But the tools need to be humanized based on the input of the ultimate users – not the Robotic approach of programmers…

Don’t Robo Me Bro” – just give me the tool, I am smart enough to use it…

Case in Point: Blogs

I have had many conversations with Real Estate Web Developers who refuse to offer Blogging Platforms with their products, so what happens – the Real Estate Agents go and find a platform like WordPress or Blogger, to fill this niche. They desire to blog in their own platform (website) so they can tell their story, but now they have to learn another way of working that forces them to manage 2 ore more incompatible platforms.

In fact a developer told me agents are too lazy and too dumb to write good Blogs – I told him that even if one concedes the point there a strong number of smart agile Agents who will excel with such tools; and that it was not his job to worry about the level of intellect but whether there is a need and to heed it.

When are Developers going to listen? Real Estate Internet Marketing is the territory of Brokers and Agents, and the illusion that Programmers, and Developers know better is false and arrogant…

Give us our tools, humanize them, and listen to us…

PS: The Vendors that pay attention to the needs of the Real Estate Agents will continue to matter – those who don’t will be left asking the wrong programming queries.

PPS: The solutions are not technical, lots of platforms are readily available for free, it is a question of will, planning, and integration.

Happy Blogging – Key Yessaad


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