Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 14, 2010

It’s about your Real Estate Story – Google calls it “Content”

I know many who struggle with the concept “Marketing,” and so they should – it is an important concept to understand if you are going to build a Real Estate Business that has longevity and success.

What if we could simplify Marketing to its Essence – What does the Gecko do for Geico? I say he tells a story, and he tells it in a consistent manner… yes he has an Australian accent, and the big eyes make you fall for him (PS: did you know it is the Big Eyes that make you connect with the Gecko Personality.) but the Gecko works because it is a vehicle to tell a story…

I advance that stories are composed of words…

I further advance that the words you use in your Blogs, Listings, Bio, and Websites, help Search Engines discern what to do with your content…

With all the advances that Google and Bing use to offer relevant content it all starts with the words, phrases, and paragraphs you use in your website and blogs – so:

  1. Are you telling your story?

  3. Is the story you are sharing driven by your ego or your market?

  5. Have you asked yourself – what stories should I share?

  7. Do you know that a story is a collection of words that help your consumers make decisions about solutions they seek?

When you strip Marketing of its fancy music, pictures, cameras, and makeup, you are left with words that help tell a story, even behind a video Camera – marketing is Storytelling; embrace it and you will always be ahead in your Real Estate SEO and Marketing. – Key Yessaad


  1. Love your words! Well, I took the plunge and deactivated my Hobbs Herder website with them as host. Now I need to know what to do with it and how to make it successful. Looking forward to your class in January.
    Exit Realty Plus

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