Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 17, 2010

Trust Intellect and Knowledge and share willingly

As you progress with your Real Estate Strategy and Internet Marketing you may want to align yourself with thoughtful Strategists and Smart Web vendors… I was lucky today to work with a Broker Owner who is very focused in his market and Internet Strategy.

Through Craig Summerall I was introduced to a Real Estate Web Solutions company that is truly impressive, and if you know me I am not easily impressed…

So what is this Blog about?

1. If you are a vendor you must listen to your Customers.

2. What you think you know about SEO may not be adequate enough to implement a strategy for Internet Marketing in Real Estate.

3. The tools you build must help the Real Estate Agent connect directly to their Real Estate Sellers and Buyers.

4. Stop giving me excuses why you cannot offer me Blogs, Landing Pages, Listing Enhancements, XML Feeds, Lead Stamping,  etc… Time’s up!!! New Vendors have stepped up who understand not only SEO but the field of Real Estate Marketing.

I called a Regional Owner, a dear friend that I respect, and told him that I found a smarter person than me in Real Estate SEO and I shared their name with willingly and joyfully… I respect intellect and most admire results and integrity!!!

Happy Blogging – Key Yessaad


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