Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 18, 2010

Your website says a lot about you…

As an internet strategist I understand the day to day Needs of the Brokers and agents I coach vary depending on their production and plan of action… many will grasp at any straw in the wind, others will be methodical and focused but then there are those who see two to five years down the road and chart their course… and they are rare…

The art of The Real Estate Deal is truly a skill few agents ever develop – the daily distractions and demands of their business command the majority of their time and they are left with very little time to plan and see into the future and so they forget about their website and how the public interacts with it…

Let me share some verbiage that a Real Estate Broker has placed on the Home Page of his website as a means to attract users; he forgot that Web clients are mostly visuals, so long tedious text is mostly for SEO and for those who like to hear themselves talk – here is the snippet:

“…Just to let you know, we’ve taken special training on how to use the complex search capabilities of our MLS system… These classes are free; however, some real estate agents don’t take the time to get this training. The classes frequently have only 5 or 6 people. Any agent can find homes in the MLS, but the training that we’ve received helps us to find the best homes for sale for you.”

Really? Is this the text you want posted on your Home Page? I mean I can stretch my mind and think of this as a possible topic for a blog; but this text in the primary front page of your website – Really???

1. This post is not about revealing who did this but to ask those who are working on their Real Estate SEO Strategy to focus on their content. Consumers love to perform their own Searches – they don’t need you to show them how to Search; in fact the Internet is about Search… offer them true Search Capability – not the pseudo “Register Here” and we will do it for you!

2. Remember that Consumers are visual – you must intersperse within your text and content tools, maps, pictures, videos, etc…

3. Do you review your primary content from time to time? This is important; your business and ranking is growing and what was appropriate 2 years ago may not fit the business conditions of today.

4. Is your Home Page about Solutions? Remember Buyers and Sellers care about Search and Marketing.

5. Have you embedded a video in your Primary Page that shares the values and focus of your website? Your would-be clients want to meet you before they (physically) meet you.

So remember being on Page 1 of Google with a website that is pathetic is similar to being nowhere on the internet; SEO is about organic placement but nothing beats good strategic content.

PS: This is a conversation that started with my colleague Steve Manley; you are awesome – Thank you for sharing it with me.

Happy Blogging – Key Yessaad.

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