Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 19, 2010

Framing your MLS to offer Search to your Clients – so, so, wrong…

This is an important topic for the Real Estate Professionals who desire to build Internet Marketing Solutions for their clients using their websites. The topic of Framed Websites confuses many and in fact is done on purpose by many vendors.

But before I go on let’s ask the simple question: “What does it mean to frame a Web Page within another one?” When you create a Frame within your Website you can import content from another website to it. The Content that is Framed is really in another website but you are using it to show it within your website; it is a trick many use so they don’t have to go through the technical process of building their website the right way.

You probably want to see an example of a Framed Website – I picked the absolute worst website in the world: (

Many vendors use this trick to quickly offer Search Solutions when they don’t have the technical know-how to build websites correctly.

You can tell your Content is framed if the performing of actions within the Search does not change the URL (the http address) or you see a bunch of scrolling bars moving independently of the content – here is an example of a Framed Real Estate Website:

In a Real Estate Website the ability to Search for Properties in a specific MLS is very important – in fact why should consumers go to your website? If you ponder that question long and hard you will understand that the ability to Search is it. I can hear some of you say: “Key I only work on Listings, so I don’t really need the ability to offer IDX Search; Right?” – “Wrong!!!” Sellers care that you can attract Buyers, and if they can see that your website is organized around this important concept they would want you to enhance their Listings – but that is another topic for another post…

When you Frame your MLS Board Search you commit these No-Nos:

1. You assume the consumer searches similarly to the Real Estate Agent. Absolutely wrong; Do you know that some boards divide their MLS coverage map by Areas, and in order to search you are required to select the Area First. “Area 7” may mean something to you but for the consumer it is the City that matters; whether you divide Boise Idaho into 6 Areas or None is of little help to the consumer.

2. The number of Choices and boxes that need to be checked to get a result is staggering – look at the Search within your MLS. I guarantee you that your board offers classes on how to Search the MLS to find the right type of properties; Your consumers seek simplicity not classes on how to Search.

3. Some MLS Searches require you to select the county before you can select the City – are you kidding me? Yes the Realtor is supposed to be familiar with his area and will know that Boise Idaho is in Ada County; but to expect that of the consumer is silly… (and I can go on…)

4. Ahhhh… but you say… Tell the consumer if it is so hard why not call us and we will perform the Searches for them? Again – think about it. Consumers want to have the satisfaction to performing their own Searches – they don’t yet care about you… and No… they are not ready to sign an Exclusive Buyer Agency.

5. Using your MLS Search to frame a solution leaves you without the ability to Delay Registration for maximum interaction with Clients, and will not allow you to enhance your Listings with Branded Videos, additional Pictures, or special offers.

6. But since this is a Blog about Real Estate SEO – Framing your content is similar to having no content at all. Search Engines know where the content resides and distinguish your pages from those belonging elsewhere.

Finally remember that if you don’t offer the public the Right Real Estate Search they will go somewhere else. As you talk to Web Vendors make sure you ask them whether they frame the IDX Search within their website s– if so move on and look for another vendor. There are some awesome ones out there.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad.

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