Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 20, 2010

What you know is not enough to teach SEO…

The process of translating what you know into what other can use to help them grow their business is not as simple as you may think… Knowing does not always translate into Teaching; imparting knowledge to others does require skill and awareness.

The majority of Trainers in Real Estate focus on Scripts – what agents and brokers must remember and then regurgitate because they assume the level of intellect brought forth by Real Estate Professionals is limited; memorizing scripts usually becomes a detrimental NOT empowering process.

The idea of script memorizing is flawed… Our Agents are Smarter then you think!

Scripts are a crutch for those too new to the Real Estate Industry and they do help here and there – but authentic understanding is more powerful than memorized facts.

So what must Brokers ponder?

1. Assume that your Real Estate Agents are Smart enough to understand the nuances of Internet Marketing, SEO, and Google Visibility.

2. Put them in front of people who help them understand rather than confuse them with the technical side of the internet.

3. Assume that your agents want to succeed – and continue to ask the best out them. When you do you are respecting them and elevating their vision of themselves.

4. You must perform your own Due Diligence on potential Trainers – find out if you are offering fluff for the sake of looking good, or actual measurable solutions that will cause a win-win for you and your colleagues.

These straightforward ideas may sound too simplistic but growing a successful Real Estate Agency comes at a price; and many brokers are not ready to bear that burden… Collaboration, Respect, and Delegation are crucial to your Agency Success…

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad


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