Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 23, 2010

Insights from those who study “Character” and “Leadership”

The few traits on Character and Leadership I write about in this short blog are not new; we must always strive to remember that character and business growth are connected at a deep core; a foundation that is unshackle, a place that transcends fear and apathy.

1. Conviction: Know what you stand for and beware of your so-called ”Status” – many define you by what you have; but your value shines through who you are.

2. Empathy: the desire to truly put yourself in the shoes of others because you seek true understanding. To connect at this level reveals that you have much in common with your colleagues and business partners; your desire to empathize allows for “the seeking of solutions” rather than “the dividing on ideology.”

3 Tough-mindedness: Some view this ability as contradictory to Empathy; in fact they go well together. To have clarity and then pursue one’s desire for building something larger requires Mental Toughness and a heart that goes with it. So work hard and don’t quit once you know what you are working towards. (and money is not the goal.)

4. Demanding Thinking: Your mind is equipped to handle complex Ideas but you must demand of it to think by “thinking.” You must focus, read, travel, meet new people, engage in social activities, and reduce the noise of devices that force to be an observer. The gift of thought is wonderful if you choose to exercise it.

5. Know what is Right: Trust your moral compass; when you allow yourself to be true you will know deep inside what your values are – trust them.

6. Be uncomfortable: This one is may seem strange to many; isn’t after all our goal to be in pure harmony? No; struggling makes you stronger – so if you are in uncomfortable situations from time to time you will find your true voice and grow as a person. Go to new places, meet people of different faiths and rituals, have coffee with a competitor, play tennis with your left hand (if you are a righty…), you get the point.

7. Love deeply and truthfully: Yes romantic love sometimes clouds this topic and most expect it to be filled with reciprocity; the love I am talking about does not require validation or perfection; it simply is.

The theme of these few ideas keep returning in all my coaching sessions on Real Estate SEO and Web Strategies; strange to see that the foundations of character reverberates even through a dry subject as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization); and yet is in not strange at all if you really think about it…

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad


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