Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 24, 2010

Title your Story properly – one of the most important SEO Elements

Organic visibility within Search Engines is a combination of hundreds of ingredients and so to say that an element is more important than any other must be placed in it proper context… it is recognized by most SEO experts that the algorithms used by Google and Bing are driven by no less that 10 primary fundamental ideas, and include nearly 300+ parameters that define them. Most of them are esoteric but some have proven to be quite reliable in the world of Organic Visibility.

Let’s us talk about the Title.

Definition: The Title of a Web/Blog Page, also known as the Title Tag, is the text that is displayed in the top of your browser above the URL address bar.

Let’s look at an example: When you visit this page about a book by Richard Feynman “Surely you are Joking Mr. Feynman” you will see, way at the Top: “Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman … – Google Books – Windows Internet Explorer, or the same followed by – Mozilla Firefox depending on your browser. The title of this page clearly defines the page that you are on. It is a book by the late amazing Physicist Dr. Feynman that Google Books has scanned. (PS: it is an incredible book and has nothing to do with Physics per-se… I highly recommend it.)

The words you place in your Title are very important, the geeks say it this way: Keywords that are placed properly in the Title are essential to your visibility. I personally hate the word “Keywords” because most get confused by it and they start doing things like this: “Myrtle Beach Real Estate, Myrtle Beach Homes for Sale, Myrtle Beach Condos” – Title Tags that look like this are terrible and harm you more than help you…

You must choose your words properly not based on some SEO formula but simply by focusing on the story you are telling. The “words” in your title are one of the best clues for Search Engines to start the ranking process – they help Search Engines understand the topic of the page you are adding to your website. Please remember this is not sufficient but the more focused your title the easier it is for Search Engines to Index the page under a placement you desire. Let us say you are going to explain the process of getting financing for Condos in your town of Majestic Idaho – titling your page: “How to Finance your Condo in Majestic Idaho?” would be a good start. Of course the content must explain the ideas in the title and connect with it.

Let the story dictate the Title – NOT your SEO Strategy… Those who chase placement fail miserably; those who offer Solutions climb organically.

This is Part 1 on the Title Tag… Let see in the future parts how we can use this important idea and how Websites Vendors can help Realtors do this simply – Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing is NOT for the Geeks it is for our Agents to help solve the problems of our customers.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad



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