Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 26, 2010

4 Business Ideas to help you Cogitate

Here is a short list of business ideas collected from various sources, mentors, and my own coaching trainings that can illuminate your progress into 2011… use them to start thinking about your business and the direction you seek for yourself.

You must fall in love with yourself; no I don’t mean narcissism – I mean realize that you have no limits in ability and capacity. Your mind can handle the most complex tasks, your spirit is strong and giving, you can immerse yourself in any endeavor once you learn it (educate yourself); so what would you be capable of if you truly pursued your true dreams?; if there were no limits set on you by others what would you do? and will you discipline yourself to reach those dreams?

You will be confronted with all kinds of Business Issues, some you have not prepared for – it is how you react that will set you aside; Some adversity will even make you stronger. One aspect of adversity are the lessons we learn and the decisions we make about ourselves; don’t be so quick to put yourself down – pick yourself up, trust in your imagination and skills, and tackle the adversity with resilience, humility, and a generous amount of learning. Don’t hesitate to call a colleague or a trusted mentor to help you along.

The rosy scenario of your Business Plan is why you go to work and build a future; but, from time to time, review that Business Plan and look also at the Worst Case Scenario. You want to be prepared for the Best and Worst – this has nothing to do with thinking negatively; it has to do with thinking realistically. A Good Business Plan can handle these stresses, in fact the way to conquer fear is to be prepared.

Who are you surrounded by? Are the Business Colleagues you work with people you respect? You see Success mirrors Success but unfortunately Failure thrives in the petri dish of Failure… Are you accepting of others’ failures so your minor successes resonate louder? Look around and do something about yourself and the people you associate with – you cannot fix them; let them be! Work on yourself and start bringing into your life people you admire and enjoy working with.

To those who follow my Blogs: Many have asked why I write about such an array of topics that sometimes do not deal directly with the topic of Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing.

a Fair question!

In fact I do; they are all connected. You see the prism through which I view the internet and Search Engine Optimization is that of serving the consumer. I don’t help Brokers get to page 1 of Search Engines just for them to make money; I work with Brokers who love Real Estate and enjoy working with the public to offer thoughtful solutions; and the internet is one such vehicles. So many choose to get organically visible to manipulate or sell useless services, worse to plunder useless e-books and cheat. I think we can do better…

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad


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