Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 28, 2010

A few Spices to help with your Goal Setting

Preparing for 2011 is an important endeavor towards your Business Success, and yes you have probably been handed a Goal Setting Sheet by our Broker or Manager. Do spend some time working on your plan; Goals that are written, carved into activities, and reviewed monthly tend to foster Success – and only 3% of all Real Estate Agents do so. (what a missed opportunity.)

In this blog I want you to go even further – You MUST understand that “You are the business,” in fact, you are the most important ingredient of your Business Plan. The work you do on yourself is as important as all of the tools you have to build your business – so let’s look at a couple of ideas…

1. Resolve yourself to Excellence: I want you to define Excellence for yourself and spice up your business Plan and Goals with it. Remember to divide your goals into activities, then into monthly tasks, down to your weekly agenda. The easier you can fit your activities into your calendar the more realistic your results. As you perform your tasks keep Excellence in front of you; when you do you won’t resent the time you have spent writing a blog, or the 15 calls you made to prospect– rather you will be performing them with gratitude.

2. Evaluate yourself thoughtfully: There are eight areas for Self-Assessment – these few questions should help you start to get in touch with your strengths.

Ambition: Have you written down high and stretching goals and planned how you are going to achieve them?

Vision: Have you formed a clear idea of where you want to be and what you want to be doing in five years’ time?

Confidence: Do you feel able to do anything that is needed now, do it well, and master new abilities and tasks as required?

Competitiveness: Are you never satisfied until you have clearly won all the prizes against the best competition around?

Risk Taking: Do you believe in your own ability to judge a risk as worth taking and to take your chances effectively?

Energy and Drive: Can you bring full mental powers to bear on an issue, to decide on the right action, and see it through?

Leadership: Can you mobilize others to achieve group ambitions, as well as develop other leaders and bring them forward?

Self-Criticism: Are you a relentless perfectionist who constantly seeks to improve and to get others to do the same?

Important: As you reveal your strengths you will also unveil your weaknesses;  don’t be so quick to fix them – these maybe areas that you should turn over to an assistant or a paid colleague. I am not convinced that we must excel at everything but I have seen many who are willing to delegate to others and produce bigger results than on their own; Forge good alliances and partnerships.

3. Accept Communication: This one may seem simple on the surface but the number one consumer complaint is their Real Estate Agents did not communicate with them enough. In order for Good News to find its way to you you must allow all the bad calls to come through as well. Do your best not to screen calls, and if a consumer is upset with you make a point of talking to them; avoiding them will only fester and make things worst.

PS: Do not Resolve conflict using email or Social Media – you will only escalate anger and resentment.

I want to finish by sharing a video posted by Craig Summerall on a series called “Monday Morning Choices

Share your thoughts and insights – I’d love to hear your take…

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad


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