Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | December 31, 2010

Real Estate Internet Traffic Surges in the last week of December

As a Mathematician numbers, statistics, and results matter a lot; rarely do I advance an idea or a report without supporting Statistics. I have a dear friend, George Styron, and he and I discuss Real Estate Trends, Internet Marketing Strategies, and all kind of Real Estate Industry changes; a few days back I shared with him that I saw a major spike in traffic in Real Estate Searches on the Internet. I advised him to make sure that his colleagues were aware of it and not to be complacent; as an anecdote I told him that one of my clients had seen a major surge in their traffic by a factor of nearly two.

George is also a Mathematician and so he said:  can you give me some Statistics I can review – and so I went to work…

Methodology: I reviewed the traffic, Unique Visitors, and actual Registration during the past week (December 24 through 30 inclusive or 7 days) and trended it versus the prior 3 weeks (December 3 through 23 inclusive or 21 days.) I compiled these data from 20 websites in various markets in the country large and small.


Visitors Searches Leads
Week 4 14,389 7,637 1,208
3 Weeks Prior 31,530 15,952 2,395
Weekly Average 10,510 5,317 798
% Increase 36.91% 43.63% 51.38%


Raw Traffic not being a significant measure; I focused on more important metrics: primarily Unique Visitors, the Number of Searches Performed, and the Actual number of Lead Registrations.

Analysis: Week 4 from December 24th through yesterday the 30th saw a 51% jump in Leads. Note that Christmas was during that week but the number of Unique Visitors jumped by 37%, from 10,500 on average per week to 14,489. The number of Searches performed also increased as well as the time spent on the Site.

This is the incubation period for consumers and it suggests the following actions on your part the Real Estate Professional:

1. Get Listings – Yes more people will think work with Buyers when they Statistics like this one; I think the opportunity is Listings – Think about it “Buyers buy existing Inventory that someone has listed!”

2. Blog, Blog, and Blog some more – focus your Internet marketing in your localized area and start sharing your expertise market knowledge.

3.  Focus and never give up on your Leads – Look to offer them additional solutions. Financing is difficult for many so partner with the right people to offer meaningful solutions.

The Statistics above are just numbers but there are real people behind them; they are looking to work with true Real Estate Professionals; Keep focusing on all aspects of your business and make sure you add Internet Marketing and Real Estate SEO Strategies to your business. I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with love, joy, and prosperity.

Happy Blogging SmileKey Yessaad.

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