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Time Management and Internet Marketing

When you think about it carefully “Time Management” is an oxymoron; I mean how can you manage time…??? if fact it manages us, it is like a river that flows as we float in its embrace. But many professionals suffer from this real affliction; the desire to complete all of the tasks on their agenda within an allotted time; and this desire keeps going unfulfilled daily.

Real Estate Professionals are more prone to this than say Office Workers because, by nature, their job is talk and help clients. If they tried to box those conversations within a time frame they would fail to take care of their clients; in fact consumers expect instant communication or they will go find someone else – so what is the agent to do to bring some sanity to their lives… I will also add, at the end of this blog, a few reflections of this topic and Internet Marketing.

Let’s Start with Simple Powerful Ideas:

1. Sleep: Oh yeah this is rarely spoken of in Time management Books, but when you are rested your mind is clear; you are able to tackle your day with more vigor, creativity, and alertness.

2. Go to bed early and Wake up early: The heavy lifting of conversations with your clients hits around 10am and drags to about 4pm for the most part. if you time shift your day towards your tasks very early in the morning when you mind is fresh you will perform most of these tasks in half the time. Remember: what keeps you from finishing your to-do list are the necessary conversations with your clients. Try to start your workday at 7:30 or 8am – your business will be transformed.

3. Eat Healthy and drink Water: You are probably dehydrated most of the day… Carry water and do your best to eat healthy.

4. Take 10 minutes to Be: Before your day start “Do Nothing!” – Yes this sound contradictory but these 10 minutes of reflection will focus your mind on the most important Tasks you must accomplish today. (Remember: your daily tasks are driven by your Weekly Goals, which fit with your Monthly Goals, which fit within your Annual Business Plan.)

5. Delegate:  Pay another person a fair wage to do repeatable tasks if you start noticing that you cannot get to them on time; or do them yourself – but for God Sake stop complaining that you don’t have enough time to do everything.

6. Read: Yes this one also sound counter intuitive as well but if you do not nourish your mind it will turn to mush… Educate yourself on Business Concepts, Success Stories, etc.… You can do this; you can find 15 minutes a day to read.

7. Weekly Review: You need to wrap up your week, every week, or they will all get jumbled up and months will pass without clarity. This means Goal Assessment, Successes and Failures, Inventory Review, Client Review, and then adjusting for the weeks to come. This is when you find out if it is time to start delegating more tasks. (You may seek the advise of your Broker or of a paid Coach to get your habits aligned with your vision.)

8. Accept that you Have Bad habits: We all have them and that is that. Time Management will not help you stay away from Facebook, or watch 2 hours of TV instead of 6 daily. Acceptance means Serenity; which will hopefully will lead to Moderation.

Let’s Talk Time Management, SEO, and Internet Marketing:

1. Internet Marketing is your job: Most Real Estate Professionals see it a chore; It’s your job. When you take a listing it is your fiduciary duty to create the largest visibility in the marketplace for it. Stop thinking you get paid to place it in the MLS.

2. Internet Marketing has benefits: Those who offer the best marketing of properties get more listings; more Sales, and More Buyers.

3. Review your MLS Stats Weekly: You are in Charge of your Story – Internet Marketing is about Inbound Marketing; this is fundamental to all your Google Visibility.

4. Landing Pages: Create Landing Pages Weekly focusing on your Niche Markets – you must know everything there is to know about your local communities.

5. Blog, Blog, and Blog Some More: I am baffled when I hear agents tell me: “What should I blog about?” – Really, are you kidding me? The New Breed of Internet Marketers understand that it is their job to claim their territory one parcel at the time, one blog at the time, one neighborhood story at the time, one Internet Solution at the time.

Time Management is NOT a Powerful Concept: those who complaint a lot about Time Management are under the illusion that it is their job is to complete everything, which is a fallacy… Passion and Drive trump everything – wouldn’t be fun to end your day with more energy than you started; it is not Time that you must conquer, it is you that you must come to know.

Happy Blogging SmileKey Yessaad

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