Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | January 3, 2011

Queen Latifah can teach you the habits of SEO


Are you Serious?

I sure am… Queen Latifah gave an in interview in Parade Magazine and her ideas and Spirit truly live up to the spirit of succeeding on the Internet. I will attempt to translate that spirit into your Search Engine Visibility and Real Estate SEO. As I read the article I saw so many parallels with her bullet ideas and felt inspired to share them with all of you.

. Pre-Resolutions to forward your Vision: Start early and be yourself; by the time everyone agrees with the changes on the internet they are behind… Lead by truly exploring yourself.

. Your Eggs may break: “ My mom raised me not to put all my eggs in one basket.” says Latifah… Internet Marketing is about channel management – are all your blogs in one venue or are you smart enough to Blog Roll?

. Your Success Needs your Hustle: Some call it hard work, some call it Determination… In order to succeed organically with your Real Estate Strategy you must focus on your Niche market and work hard to share the stories of your communities.

. Skepticism in proper doses is healthy: in Other words Ask Questions and learn the fundamentals of Internet Marketing. Some Questions are: Is the person training you on such topics a person with experience? Have they build websites that are organically on Page 1 of Google? are they teaching you substance of Marketing Mirage? Are you Learning SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing from those in the field or those who read books? Are you mirroring your success from other successful Colleagues? etc…

. Know when you are over your head: If something isn’t working and you have tried it for years you may need to review it. Many latch on to a Web Solutions and try to force it to work for them when deep down they know it’s time to move on… Find an expert and pay for their advise; Let’s call it a check up; and yes get a second opinion… if your website has not worked for you for years you may want to have an honest review.

. Learn to Listen: At times listening can be very powerful; and the best kind is listening to yourself… in those quiet moments that you have to yourself you can start looking at the big picture and do your best planning.

. Be a Pioneer: Don’t be afraid to take chances and forge a new path with your website… you don’t have to do it like everyone else; review websites outside your industry and learn from them and try some of their techniques.

. Love where you are from: Focus on your local market like a laser beam – your motto is: “If it has to do with Real Estate in my Neighborhood, City or Town, it will be in my website.”

. There is Joy in your Backyard: Your Real Estate Sellers are your neighbors and they live in your own backyard – make them happy. Those who commit themselves to help sellers end up getting more buyers; in fact our Sellers need us now more than ever.

. Opportunity may be found in Crisis: You will face business challenges in Real Estate and a lot of competition; but don’t dismay. Use your Internet Marketing and SEO to grow your online visibility and commit yourself to getting to Page One of Google; yes others have already claimed that mantle and you may feel behind right now; but I am here to tell you that I have coached many to find their path and they are now there. So; Educate yourself from the best; define your plan of action; implement your plan; and be patient and resilient.

. Be Honest: Find a group of business colleagues with whom you can share your Challenges and Successes; Commit yourself to giving more than taking – you will be amazed how much you will learn.

. Finally – Be You!!! (No comment from me on this one.)

Yes Internet Marketing and Real Estate SEO are topics mired by many charlatans and wannabes – they have perfected the language of deception and the double speak and lingo of confusion; make sure you don’t fall for that. You can do this by putting together a Plan of Action that is methodical and precise; and stop thinking that you must do it for free – nothing worthwhile is free. Go on a journey of discovery and latch on to the best in the industry and you will start getting the results you seek.

Happy Blogging SmileKey Yessaad


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