Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | January 6, 2011

Use SEO and Internet Marketing to Build Trust

It must be argued that Search Engine Optimization has been the bastion of those lured by easy money and promises or riches beyond the grasp of reality. Yet those who truly understand this field see it differently – it is an avenue that connects Marketing and Search in a holistic way. Many do chase it at the beginning to follow the Mighty Dollar (nothing wrong with that) but a new breed of Marketers are steering it towards building TRUST.

Real Estate Transactions and TRUST are more important now than ever before – the consumer is skittish and less trusting. They are scared to talk to us and we deserve some of the blame! What is worse the Real Estate Industry has been leaning heavily on Buyers when it comes to the Internet – Sellers are for the most part forgotten; We MUST change that…

Let’s learn to build TRUST – Not a Sale; Let’s go for TRUST!!!

One of my Mentors and Inspirational Writers is John C. Maxwell and I read him often; let’s look at a few of his ideas on Trust:

1. Real Estate is a Personal Endeavor – Customers MUST Trust you if you are to have a long career.

2. When you are Trusted people are saying the following about you: You are Accountable, Predictable, and Reliable.

3. You build Trust daily; One activity at the Time; One person at the Time.

4. Trust is eroded when: Promises are broken; Gossip Flourishes; Information is Withheld; and plain Lying becomes a way of doing business.

Let’s look how you can use TRUST within your Real Estate SEO Strategy:

Time: Take the Time to Listen to your customers and tailor your website to their needs – do include your Sellers; in fact they are at times more important – aren’t they after all our neighbors.

Respect: Stop the trickery of requiring users to register before they can search your IDX feed; Delayed Registration is ok but required registration to download information is passé. The SEO part of this is simple – if consumers are blocked by a registration form – so are Web Crawlers… Think about it.

Undeterred Commitment: Your day to day approach to Trust with Customers is focused and unyielding; Offer Content regularly to your website; Blog, Blog, Blog…

Sensitivity: Humanize your Website with Videos not for the sake of SEO but so others can know who you are and your values.

Touch: Encourage those around you to do better; they will in turn encourage you to reach another level… Add personal touch of thoughtful 1-click Searches that help both your Buyers and Sellers to understand their communities. (SEO is about 1-Click Searches…)

My final thought is simple – Never worry about SEO or Internet Marketing to generate leads, focus on Trust and Authenticity and your business will flourish.

Happy Blogging SmileKey Yessaad

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