Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | January 7, 2011

Top Mistake Real Estate Agents Commit with their SEO

Those of you who follow this ongoing Blog Discussion know that we are focused on how to create the right habits, circumstances, and tools to create Internet Visibility that is both Organic and Leads Conversion Friendly. This important Marketing Exercise has been reduced to the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization – and is paralleled with the desire to be on Google without having to pay for it; a Silly Concept few understand. A Proper Internet Marketing Strategy is not about saving money – it is about helping your Consumers reach their Goals.

Reducing your Internet Strategy to creating Leads is always short term, expensive, and lacking of vision… it must be driven by Passion, Solutions, and the desire to help Real Estate Sellers… Let’s look at the Biggest Mistake Real Estate Brokers and Agents commit when pursuing SEO.

Targeting Too Many Keywords

Let me be frank I hate the word “Keyword”; I know what it means but it has been used to confused more than help. There are underground marketers who keep tailoring their websites and SEO to attract the latest sucker by promising how to make money on the internet; You are not in that businesses so get rid of that mindset. Your business is Real Estate and if you work in Franklin Tennessee – your Top Keywords are simple: Franklin TN Real Estate; Franklin TN Homes for Sale, etc… Your Secondary Keywords are Franklin TN Land for Sale; Franklin TN Foreclosures;  Franklin TN Condos for Sale; etc… you get the picture.

I meet lots of agents who are nowhere to be seen on the internet, they read a book on Search Engine Optimization, start understanding the ramifications of Internet Marketing and their Business; and then decide to pursue every Key word under the Sun… So, so wrong…

The moment you use SEO to try to get Everything – you get Nothing!!!

So what is a thoughtful Real Estate Agent to do:

1. Focus on your Niche Markets – Neighborhoods, Communities, and Subdivisions.

2. Eat the Elephant of SEO one bite at the time – don’t go for all the keywords at once; get to page 1 for your most localized market and then build on that.

3. Don’t Stop prospecting thinking that the internet will do it for you; use the internet to enhance your prospecting.

4. Know your Niche Marketing Inventory and blog about the trends in that “Niche” market.

5. Blog and focus your Blog on only one (1) Niche Market until you become the top go-to Realtor in it; then open up other Niche Markets.

PS: Make sure your localized Niche Markets have activity – this may sound silly but if you were to focus on “Land for Sale” in a state like North Carolina with little turnover and little financing you may end up getting 100% of Zero Transactions – which is the same as getting Nothing.

Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing are not hard to comprehend if you are able to set aside your ego, and your needs… Stay Focused, Offer unmatched Service, and work hard to earn your Reputation!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad



  1. Great points and a topic that streches beyond SEO and also into agent marketing strategies. I have practice what Key writes and can tell you first hand it works. I now find myself with bigger goals and that is to take on a large market by being #1 on the web.

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