Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | January 9, 2011

There are still SEO Deserts on the Internet

Newbies to SEO confuse ranking for obscure search phrases to organic visibility for Relevant Search-able Keywords. As one starts a journey to rank in the Organic S.E.R.P. any success leads to jubilation; it is when it is generalized into a method that bad habits are formed. Anyone can get a trip to the foot of the Himalayas – but few climb Mt. Everest.

SERP: Search Engine Results Page.

There is a fundamental fact that many fail to understand – the Internet is littered with SEO Wastelands… What are SEO Wastelands? Simple – they are barren deserts of scarce activity…

Let me explain…

The Southwest is an incredible region in the country; the area around the 4 Corners is both breathtaking and exhilarating; but it does not take much to get you off the beaten path… a short detour off of Highway 160 and you are in the middle of rock and sand with an expansive sky and nothing else. You may decide to start an Elephant Safari in a patch of land and call it “The Four Corners Elephant Safari” Company and start a website and blog about it… but you are in a desert both physically and virtually..

Let me bring this idea back to Real Estate and SEO…

I don’t know if you know this but there is a landscape of “Search Deserts” for keywords focused on Green-eyed Real Estate Brokers in Boise Idaho. If you perform the search for “Green-eyed Real Estate Brokers in Boise Idaho” you will see results because Google abhors a vacuum (it gives you its best approximation based on their algorithm) – You decide to write a blog talking about yourself as the “Green-Eyed Real Estate Broker in Boise Idaho” – and guess what you will get to Page 1 of Google Immediately; wow… so quick… in fact if you post that same blog in other blog Channels you will end on page 1 for many items… “Wowie wow” you say… this is cool; I am an SEO Expert; my job now is to teach Green-Eyed Realtors everywhere how to get to Page 1 of Google and start my own SEO Company.

And, oh since this is a new method I will Patent it, write a book, and go on TV!!!

The question you must answer – How many Web Surfers are Searching for Green-eyed Real Estate Brokers in Boise Idaho? Being on Page 1 for a term few care about is NOT SEO.

This facetious blog tries to draws the reader to the idea that some companies uncover deserts on the internet and extrapolate them to primary competitive Keyword Strategies…

The motto is simple: “Everyone can be on Page 1 for an obscure Search Phrase” – Real SEO is about climbing and ranking for competitive Keywords such as “Charleston Real Estate”; “Los Angeles Homes for Sale”; etc… but with minimal effort you can rank well for “Foreclosures on Planet Mars.”

PS: Being on Page 1 for a Blog controlled by another entity like Activerain is not the same as being on Page 1 with your own domain name; many make this mistake day in and day out… Real Estate SEO should be part of a larger Strategy centered on your website and exuding outwards to support the needs of Sellers. (getting Buyers’ Leads is easy…)

Happy Blogging SmileKey Yessaad


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