Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | January 12, 2011

What to do with the Keyword Meta Tag?

It is understood by most who follow Search Engine Optimization that the Keyword Meta Tag is the least useful in describing a page content, and I agree. I think the information on the page that is visible to consumers is what matters most. But here we are with this Tag and we must make sense of it – I will share some good practices you ought to consider.

This YouTube video by Matt Cutts of Google explains that the Keyword Meta Tag is irrelevant as an ingredient for Search Ranking – that does not mean that Keywords are irrelevant – it only means that placing them in The Keyword Tag is not that big a deal;

Matt Cutts works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues.

The Question that arises is: What does one do with this Tag? Do you leave it blank or do put something generic in there?

Most CMS (Content Management Systems) allow non-programmers to fill out forms that will generate HTML Pages or Blogs for them; and most will have a form section called Keywords; what does one do with it:

1. You ought to fill it with something useful (see below) – Yes Google says they do not use the Keyword Meta Tag in their Algorithm; I really think they mean they do not weight it significantly – but there is another Search Engine, Bing, that accounts for about 20 to 25% of all the Searches and many agree that it is a little more with Bing. (PS: when I say Bing I mean Bing/Yahoo – they are are one now.)

2. Don’t Stuff Keywords with irrelevant Marketing and content that has nothing to do with the Content.

3. Place in it 2 to 3 Keyword Phrases that relate directly to the page you are creating: for example: let us assume you writing about Real Estate Condo Statistics in Columbia South Carolina and you are sharing some Listings on that page: the two keywords I would use would be: Real Estate Condos in Columbia SC; Columbia SC Condo Listings. That’s it…

4. Avoid this pernicious idea that says “more is more”… if fact when it comes to Meta Tags “Less is More.”

5. Remember: Extract two or three ideas from the page you are creating and they will become your Keywords; make sure they relate directly to the story; and stop worrying if you are going to rank for that magical Keyword. (Take care to communicate clearly and serve your customers.)

6. PS to Vendors: The fact that the Keyword Tag is not highly relevant does NOT mean that you remove it from your CMS System – the decision to use it or not should remain within your clients’ controls – so make sure it is there along with the Title and Description Tag.

Real Estate SEO, when done right, is very organic and highly intuitive – Those who over-think it suffer!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad


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