Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | January 15, 2011

Why do Real Estate Agents have a hard Time with SEO?

SEO has been equated with the idea of Free Marketing on Google, a shortsighted way of looking at the Internet. Real Estate and the Internet are a perfect match when they help consumer solve their needs. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is not my preferred term – SEM seems to make more sense; it stands for Search Engine Marketing; in other words Marketing using Search Engines like Google to reach the “Searching Consumer.” And YES both Real Estate Buyers and Sellers have embraced the Internet and they are using it to get familiarized with the process of Buying and Selling Property.

So why is it so hard?

It is truly like learning a new language without the aid of a translator or a dictionary. You feel like you are forced to learn to swim by being dropped for the first time in the Pacific Ocean without any guidance or help!

I have committed myself to reducing the noise around such confusion and to help agents speak this language organically; In terms they understand. So let me share some ideas…

1. The Internet is NOT about computers – it is about Consumers; Always imagine those behind your laptop looking in… What do they want? Does my website give them what they want? these two simple questions will focus your mind and your marketing.

2. Being on Page 1 of Google is not about Free Leads it is about earned reputation. Those who have not reached this position for tough concepts like Los Angeles Real Estate, will tell you how this is not that important; yet they will spend thousands on Pay per Click campaigns to generate leads. PS: the moment their website reaches Page 1 or 2 organically for important keywords their tune changes – in fact their business changes…

3. Internet Marketing and SEO is mostly driven to satisfy Buyers – very few focus on taking care of Sellers. Ask yourself: what do our Sellers want from us? Can we offer them tools using Internet Marketing? You see Sellers want to meet you before they meet you!

4. Do you know that the blurb you write describing your Real Estate Listings is SEM? Yes, Search Engine Marketing starts with Text that is written descriptively!

5. Do you know that the pictures you offer in your website are part of Internet Marketing? Do you offer more on your website than anywhere else?

6. Do you know that the MLS, Multiple Listing Service, is Internet Marketing? and more times than not is to the benefit of others!

7. Do you know that Syndication is Internet Marketing? and oh by the way definitely for the benefit of others.

So what is a Real Estate Agent to do? I say your first step must be education; unless you understand how Internet Marketing is connected on the Internet you will not know how to buy from a Real Estate Website Vendor. Worse, you will not know what best habits and practices you ought to develop to reach your Organic Visibility.

Look around your organization and see what courses are offered by your Brokerage and start your journey. Do no let the fact that the topic of Real Estate SEO has been rendered confusing by Charlatans discourage you from the process. One of the ways to start on this journey is to Blog – start telling your story!!!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad



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