Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | January 16, 2011

What are URLs and what is their role in your Real Estate Website?

The acronym for URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator; you can tell this not a very descriptive concept and was coined by a group of Advanced Programmers – let’s define it using English…

“a URL is the address of a web page on the world wide web”

Every web page, every blog post, every picture, every video, etc… has a unique address on the internet that allows any person to reference it. In fact the idea of hyper-linking (or Linking) is driven by the concept of sending a Web Surfer from one location to another; the referencing of which requires a unique address. (this is called a URL.)

So when you are sharing a funny YouTube video with your fiends on Facebook or via email you are in fact sending them a URL.

Here are two examples of URLs:


URL - Uniform Resource Locator

Have you noticed that the two URLs above are formatted differently – the first one seems clean and descriptive whereas the second is convoluted and almost machine driven. It is as though the first domain is attempting to connect with humans and the second with machines.

Why should I care you ask?

Well; Search Engines are able to read URLs and use them as a deciphering mechanism for the indexing and ranking of Web Pages. Contrary to what you have heard – Google does not rank websites it ranks Web Pages (more precisely Web Objects) – of course that includes Blog Pages, and all elements on the internet that have a unique Web Address.

All things being equal “clean URLs” allow you to drive two important SEO Concepts; Clean Indexing through meaningful URLs and Internet Scale through deep web crawling of your content.

in this Part 1 of Real Estate SEO and URLs I would like you to keep these ideas in mind:

1. I do not expect you, the Real Estate Agent, to solve this – your website vendor must know what these concepts mean and solve this problem for you.

2. As a Real Estate Marketer your job is to be aware that the Website you buy must be long term – Not something you flip from vendor to vendor every few months.

3. Lastly; the architecture upon which your website is built is as important as its ability to capture leads.

Your Internet Marketing and Real Estate SEO must rest on a solid foundation – yet many Website vendors are refusing to step up to help you in this endeavor… Keep educating yourself and look for colleagues who can support you in this endeavor!!!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad



  1. the iHouse platform only allows 20 characters when assigning a name to a web page, is that enough?

    • Hi Isaac; the answer is No… furthermore the type of URLs I think would be beneficial have yet to be launched by them… I have a feeling they are listening and that they will soon step up their game.

      PS: I must give them one credit – their websites are highly scalable but they must do better…

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