Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | January 17, 2011

Googling yourself and what it means?

The journey your take with Internet Marketing and Search Placement can be fascinating at times… As you unravel what makes Google and Bing react you may start making inferences that are Non-Correlative; simply put – you draw conclusions that are not there…

“Let me put it bluntly – Being on Page 1 for your name is not the same as Being on Page 1 for what your customers want…”

Say your name is “Gigi Metsong” and you start blogging about how Gigi Metsong can help you with all your Real Estate Needs in Boise Idaho; you even start a website that talks about Gigi Metsong – in fact; let’s look at one of Gigi’s blogs:

“Hi, my name is Gigi Metsong and I am a Real Estate Professional in Boise Idaho. I specialize in helping Sellers and Buyers with all their Real Estate Needs in and around Boise ID, including Garden City, Meridian, Nampa, and as far Caldwell Idaho. I have expertise in Single Family Homes, Condos, Town-homes, Land and Lots, as well as Multi-Family Homes for Dwelling or Investing. If you need any help with your Boise ID Real Estate needs call Gigi Metsong at (555) 555-5555 or visit my website at”

I hope by now most you understand that Gigi Metsong is a figment of my own imagination; she does NOT exists – in fact if you Google her name as I type this Blog January 17th, 2011 at 4:25pm Eastern you will get: “No Results for Gigi Metsong”

Gigi Metsong Search as of 1/17/2011 4:25pm EST

No Results for Search of "Gigi Metsong" as of 1/17/2011 at 4:25pm EST

PS: Once I post this blog – you will find this post in Google as the number 1 post.

Let’s continue…

Gigi Metsong, the creative Marketer that she is, Googles her name and realizes: “Wow!!! I am on Page 1 of Google after posting one blog… this is incredible, all I have to do is start mentioning the things I want on my blogs and they will end up on page 1 of Google; this blogging thing is awesome!!!.”

Is Gigi on the right track – after all she has gotten herself on Page 1 after 1 Blog?

Most who understand Internet Marketing and SEO have absorbed such blows long ago… Search Marketing Visibility is NOT about how Google-able you are under your name; it is how Google-able you are under your Customers Intention. Those who seek homes in Boise Idaho will search something like “Boise Idaho Homes for Sale”, or “Boise ID Real Estate” – only those who know Gigi Metsong would Google her name…

Customer Intent or “Inbound Marketing” is what the Internet is about – not some silly Googling yourself, your name, or your company name; and getting excited about being on Page 1 – in fact if you are not on page 1 under your name you still don’t understand Internet Marketing.

PS: Go ahead and Google “Gigi Metsong” and you will find this blog on Page 1 of Google – the conclusion you should draw has nothing to do with my abilities as an SEO Trainer. The proper conclusion you must draw must relate to the SEO Deserts that still exist – the searches that matter require more work!!!

So… Don’t be easily seduced by the internet!!!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad – and Yes Blogging is not about Blogging!!!


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