Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | January 30, 2011

What Real Estate Agents ought to understand about Blogs

An Article appeared in the New York Times, “Political Blogs Ready to Flood Campaign Trail” – By JEREMY W. PETERS, and it reveals how nimble and creative Political Blogs have become. It is argued that these types of blogs have forced News Agencies to rethink their approach to the consumption of information by the public.

I have been advocating in my Strategy Trainings that blogs are the direct mechanism for connecting consumers with their Real Estate Needs – they are a kind of mesh upon which the information flows; the strands that make up that mesh is called Search; in other words Google and Bing.

Start thinking of Google and Social Media as strands in the fabric of connectivity and then reorient your website in that flow by using Blogs.

Here are some fundamental building blocks for your Blogs:

1. Using Blogs to Sell fails most of the time – using blogs to create influence is the way to go.

2. Blogging is not about journaling your feelings, and yes you can do that too… Blogging is about telling your Market Story and showing your expertise.

3. Blogging is about Resilience, focus, and yes passion! (Sellers are increasingly using Search to find Agents. Are you out there?)

4. Smart Real Estate Bloggers understand that bite-size stories are more important than full-fledged articles. (Write in Bullet form when possible…)

5. The Channels you blog on are as important as the blogs you post – do not confuse FaceBook Notes for Blogs.

5. Blogging is about Expertise – what is yours? (Please don’t say your expertise is Real Estate – it’s not; Think about it!)

Finally, this endeavor will only succeed is you stop seeing it as a chore and start choosing it as a duty! – I personally say it is your job; Blogging and Marketing are One! Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing are mired in a sea of confusion and I do empathize that many agents are a bit lost – time to roll up your sleeves, educate yourself, and start serving your customers.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Strategist



  1. Key,

    Great post with great advice! I have alot of success stories since taking your course a year ago. When are you coming back to Warner Robins?

    • I have been following the rise of your influence and I really like it… I cannot wait to come back and visit – all it takes is an invitation!!! Thanks for following my blogs Ethan!!! 🙂

  2. Key’s training has been recommended and I can’t wait to attend on Feb 3rd.

  3. Hi,
    My name is Steve Dalia. I am showing Realtors and Brokers how to secure their own REO and Government owned listings.
    I am hosting another class this Friday Feb 4th at 3PM EST.  I hope you can make it.  Here is the registration link:
    Thank you,
    Steve Dalia

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