Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 1, 2011

Can we please simplify Real Estate SEO?

I am committed to reducing the noise of failure around SEO and Internet Marketing; and the only way I know how is education. Too bad the slogan “Information is Power” has been so abused, it no longer means what it used to – the slogan has always been an ode to power through focused understanding; the freedom to unshackle yourself from manipulators and pseudo–solution providers.

So can we reduce the idea of SEO to its essence? – it is Marketing!

Let’s talk about it in these few points!

1. SEO is Marketing – I abhor the word Search Engine Optimization because it suggests some voodoo that only some understand – SEO for me is best named “Organic Search Marketing” to suggest that it is up to the Brokers and Agents to be visible for their clients.

2. SEO is not about you – it is about what you do and what you offer! Think of your Sellers and Buyers and understand their Search Habits.

3. Visibility in Real Estate equals Branding – Branding used to lead to Visibility; they are now intertwined!

4. Consumers assume that top placement in Organic Searches for what they want means a stamp of approval; is this fair? – probably not… Is it reality? YES!

5. Always reduce Search Engine Optimization to Marketing – never elevate it above your business practices. You must have a deep understanding of your Services, Products, Solutions, Competitive Landscape, and vision for the future… These business components are what makes a Web Strategy Successful – NOT the reverse.

6. Start with Goals that are specific when considering an Organic Placement Strategy – Do you know what you want? I want more leads does not cut it! I want to rank on page 1 for Concord NC Foreclosures is measurable.

7. Think of your Organic Placement as an ongoing project – not as a one of implementation. Let me put it this way – you are in the Marketing Business and Marketers Market all the time.

8. Develop Good Habits and you will succeed – seeking solutions in a pill form leads mostly to disappointments.

Internet Marketing and Real Estate SEO can be a bit challenging and vendors don’t always help in this endeavor – Stay focused, methodical, and patient!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad


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