Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 2, 2011

The Role of Vision in your Real Estate Business

The fundamental truth of the Real Estate Business is that it is a amalgamation of small business owners, Brokers, and very few large corporate entities; in fact 98% of all franchises are made up of Small Business Brokers with less than 10 agents – as it should be; they are the backbone of of our local Real Estate Markets.

The fact that many of these Brokers were successful Real Estate Agents who grew to own a brokerage does bring some challenges with it; and those challenges translate into their Web Strategy as well as their day to day Management. Let’s us talk about one of those challenges:

Successful Real Estate Agents are mostly Deal-Driven – NOT Vision-Driven. They love the Art of the Deal; and they are so good at it that they never think they need the skeletal organization when transitioning into owning a Brokerage. Their vision for their brokerage is usually “similar individuals like them, housed under one office, loving the art of the deal.”

In fact if you ask them when they launch their brokerage what their vision is they will tell you: “To Make Money!” – unfortunately “Making Money” is a Result NOT a Vision.

So let’s put some ideas together on how to flesh out a vision:

1. Your Vision must describe your Brokerage and its Results five to ten years out.

2. Dream big and focus on The Success of your Agents and Colleagues – Not how many deals you are going to make as a working broker.

3. Write your vision statement in the present tense grounded in reality.

4. Infuse your vision statement with passion – You must love the idea of nurturing agents; if you don’t your brokerage will suffer.

5. Write your Vision Statement as a means to offer direction to your colleagues; but trust me; it is mostly written for you!

5. Paint a graphic mental picture of the business you want. This vision needs to inspire you to go to work and work with your Real Estate Colleagues Day in and Day out!

Hint: Do not confuse your Vision Statement with your Mission Statement – Your Vision Statement answers: “Where do I the business to take us?”; your Mission Statement must answer: “Why am I in Business?”

These are some thoughts that you ought to consider as you grow your business and using your Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing to help it flourish!

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Strategist


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