Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 4, 2011

Your Real Estate SEO Goals

In the blog yesterday about Greg and Shelia Bennett, the Broker/Owners in Beaufort South Carolina, we discussed how trying to directly translate your Local Traditional Marketing into Internet Marketing might get you in trouble – the bottom line of yesterday’s blog is: Approach Internet Marketing differently than your Local Marketing… you need both, but look at them with different sets of glasses.

Let’s delve a little deeper into this idea…

What should be your Strategic Goals for SEO and Internet Marketing?

1. Brokers: You must create “Googleability” for all your agents – this simply means that you must have a rich content page for each one of your agents, linked directly to their website… it also means that you have done a good job once I Google their name and your website with their unique page comes up highly ranked.

2. Real Estate Agents must do the same with their profile and their agency profile… My question to Brokers is the following: have you sent your agents a Deep Agency Profile they can post on their website, rich with links, videos, and Photographs?

3. Are you still stuck in the paradigm “If you build it they will come?” – there are over 7 Billion Websites and no one visits most of them; traffic means nothing – Stickiness and Time on Site are more important. Here the question you must ponder: Do my would-be Real Estate Buyers and Sellers have a reason to hangout in my website?

4. A successful Web Strategy delivers more than traffic – it brands and creates validation for all those who affiliate with you. Are you Blogging and Sharing Videos?

5. You will truly understand what success means with your SEO Marketing once you reach Page 1 of Google for your Local market Offerings. Do you have a Plan of Action?

6. But the most important aspect of your Success on the Internet is ROI (Return On Investment) – the chart below should bring into perspective that it is high time for you start thinking about a unified long term Internet Marketing Strategy for your Real Estate Business.

Real Estate SEO could become your Highest ROI

You will notice that Paid and Organic Placement placed much higher than traditional Marketing – TV, Papers, and Radio placed much much lower – note this is not a chart that is focused on the Real Estate Industry; were this focused on it the highest would have been Organic Search.

These are but some ideas you ought to ponder as you grow your Real Estate SEO and Internet Marketing!

Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Strategist


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