Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 5, 2011

What you don’t know about Key

There is fact I do not advertise nor do I usually talk about and it is that I select 4 Brokers a year to coach, train, and help design an Internet Strategy that helps them grow their Real Estate Business. I am writing this Blog because a broker I respect, who had attended my trainings, a couple of months back called me and asked if I could help him think through his current strategy; we spent a couple of hours looking at it and I gave him his Homework for the next two months. He Thanked me then asked: “How do you make money? – its Saturday and you took my call and your trainings are not that expensive?

I shared with him my vision but then thought maybe I ought to blog about this side of me not everyone knows.

Here are my reasons for why I do not advertise that I coach Brokers and Design Web Strategies:

a. Until a Brokers and Agents understands what “Internet Marketing” is they will continue to think that the Internet is about generating Leads. in fact the biggest fallacy is:

“Real Estate SEO allows you to generate Free Leads!” – So So Wrong!

Those who think that having an SEO Marketing Strategy is about Free Leads miss the whole point of the Internet – in fact they don’t even understand the concept of “Free!” – I shall write a blog in the future talking about “Free Marketing” and it shall reveal that Free equates Influence.

So my requirement has and will continue to be: until you attend my training on Internet Marketing you will not be able to grasp the purpose of your Website; My trainings are by Broker Invitation Only and are dirt cheap!

b. Your Website is only part of your Internet Strategy – most Brokers want to build a Website which is only 1/10th of a true Internet Marketing Strategy. Anyone can have a website – in fact every agent you meet has one; I call them Glorified Business Cards; I am not a Vendor and so I am not interested in that business. Many do not understand what I mean by the idea that I am ‘Vendor Agnostic’– for me it is simple: The website you have must have all the tools of success and your Vendor must offer it to you; but you website will not get you visible on the Internet until you have a Strategy.

c. The Internet will not rescue you if you are a Bad Real Estate Manager. I meet Brokers who think “if I only can generate more leads my agents will like me!” – False! First of all they don’t need to like you; they need to respect you! and you cannot buy respect – you can only earn it. I know of many brokerages who have a lousy Internet Strategy but have an awesome office and a great business. The Internet will not cure your ills.

d. Every time I coach a broker on their Internet Strategy I force them to prospect; in other words being physically part of the community. I view Internet Marketing as an Additional glue to your Real Estate Success – Not as the end all be all of a Real Estate Career. Good Agents are Good with or without a website.

e. When I said earlier that I select 4 Brokers, I really meant that they select me – in others they enter my life through my various presentations and trainings and I always say No at the beginning. I am not saying No to them – I am saying No to their lack of commitment. it takes work to develop a Web Strategy.

I am driven by success, passion, joy, commitment, intensity, and love – and I abhor mediocrity!

Connect with your colleagues and give more than your receive and your Internet Marketing and SEO will grow! This is a simple idea that I keep repeating again and again, and I see my colleagues growing their Real Estate SEO daily – and I love it!

Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Strategist



  1. So True! Just in on a Saturday after 2 listing appts and knocked them out of the park with our Internet presence….all thanks to you….How can sellers argue when only my site and my listings show on Google!! Thank you again….I have gained more from you since August then in the previous 3 years in the business…..See you in a couple of weeks at the advanced class…..

  2. Great post Key !

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