Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 7, 2011

Emotional and Social Leadership is Real Estate

Real Estate is an emotional endeavor and to lead an organization full of Real Estate Agents requires what is called “Emotional and Social Intelligence.” This type of leadership cannot be reduced to making decisions, writing memos, and then passing them down to the troops – it hovers in the highs and lows of every member of your organization.

First of all, why are Real Estate offices emotionally and socially charged?

1. It really starts with the consumer; Buying or Selling a Home are highly charged emotional transactions. When a Seller is parting with their Home something significant usually has happened; hopefully a joyful event like Buying a bigger home because the family has grown, but unfortunately most of the time it is due to a significant loss in the family, like divorce, loss of work, or at times a parting from life. Regardless of how you look at it “High Emotions” are present during the Buying and Selling Process and Good Agents have to navigate these waves day in and day out.

2. Real Estate Agents are human beings too; they have empathy and are affected at one level or other; in fact most Agents love the business because it gives them a chance to help others; for them money is 2nd. Managers and Brokers MUST understand the weight their agents carry and must help them shore up their emotional energies so they can be effective.

3. But the biggest Roller Coaster for Real Estate Agents is that they are on “Commission Only”; it is a series of Feast followed by a series of Famine – and the last two years have been very tough on all of them. Many have left an industry they love; and others have taken on seconds jobs because they refuse to stop. Unlike the perception that some hold making a living in Real Estate is tough – this Roller Coaster of making a living in waves of income is tremendously difficult and does impart some emotional scarring that Managers MUST understand.

So why this post?

I am going to share with our Brokers a Video called “Social Intelligence and Leadership” – it is 10 minutes long and I hope it starts Brokers thinking about the kind of leadership they bring to their office. Being a Broker/Manager in Real Estate is truly one of the toughest jobs one can have; but if you are going to choose it you may want to arm yourself with Emotional Leadership!

Real Estate Brokers who understand “Emotional Leadership” are able to lead effectively


As a Trainer I am focused on Internet Marketing and Real Estate SEO; but I view my work as part of a bigger holistic system in which I contribute my small part. You cannot separate your website from leadership; in fact I view websites as an expression of vision.

Happy Blogging SmileKey Yessaad


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