Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 8, 2011

The Core of My Trainings

My blog today is about my intentions and what I plan on doing during my upcoming trainings in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. The trainings are named Real Estate Web Strategy because I focus on helping Brokers and Agents build Long Term Strategies with their website; rather than chase leads. Of course the links above include a full Syllabus of the topics I will cover but I wanted to share the heart of the matter for my trainings:

1. For me Leads are a result of a proper Web Strategy NOT the purpose of it. Anyone can buy leads; I focus on the organic placement on the Internet.

2. Agents and Brokers MUST understand Internet Marketing before they can smartly venture the waters of the internet; and NO Internet Marketing is NOT traditional Marketing translated onto the Internet. This distinction alone has caused many to start growing their business and influence.

3. Then I delve into: What are the Roles of Listings and Agent Marketing on the Internet? wait a second: What is Agent Marketing? many will tell you is about the agent selling his or herself… That answer is in fact insufficient!

4. My trainings are NOT about which Website Vendor wins and which Vendor loses; that determination is made by the agents and brokers – they have been making these decisions for years. My focus is how do you define a Grand Web Strategy and how to use your existing tools to succeed with it. In fact I go out of my way to tell my participants not to buy anything – a product will NOT rescue a failed vision.

5. The thread that runs through my trainings is called SEO, Search Engine Optimization, but I do not talk about it per se… I show agents how to start accumulating it in a meaningful way without the techie stuff or the useless jargon. In my opinion anyone can become an expert using Internet Marketing; in essence the job of a REALTOR must include savviness on the Internet.

And No I do NOT Sell CDs or extra Books or Materials in the back of the room – my trainings are NOT a taste; they are focused on What you must understand, and then I give you a Plan of Action to get you going. Apply the Plan – Produce Results!

You MUST always start with “Why” before you move to “How”

The Bottom Line of all my Trainings is: “The Internet belongs to you; You MUST Claim it!” – I am only your Guide!

PS: This may not be a very well known fact: I have a lot of admiration for what a lot of Website Vendors do; they offer their Clients great Solutions and they work hard at it. Do I want them to offer more? YES!!! and I will keep asking on behalf of the agents.

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad


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