Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 11, 2011

The 5 essential points of My trainings on Web Strategy

A friend of mine who attended a training for a second time, the one I call the fundamental, Real Estate Web Strategy, asked me to condense the training to 5 primary ideas.

Here it is in blog format:

1. Your Website is only part of your Web Strategy. The most common mistake committed by most agents is to get a website, turn it on and wait for things to happen – and most of these websites are glorified business Cards. In my training we focus on the proper place of your website in your overall Strategy and what else you must do to become visible to Google. The Idea is quite simple if Google does not see it your website does not exits.

2. Real Estate Agents have never been taught what Internet Marketing really is? They leap to the conclusion that it must be Marketing on the Internet and it isn’t. Traditional marketing is driven by blasting information out… Internet marketing is driven by users searching for what they want.

3. Most agents don’t know the fundamental elements of a Real Estate Website; so how are they going to pick a vendor for their Web Services online. They become caught in a herd mentality and get whatever they see others get.

4. Index Scalability – How do websites grow and become highly visible; and what is the place if IDX in the scheme of a good Real Estate Website. Many agents have heard that they must get an IDX Feed but which one and how do you know it will help your website

5. Finally: Your plan of action starts with you – you must to market what you do and where you do it – NOT just who you are and what you like. Most agent information on the internet is full of non-essentials and they fail to focus on where they do business and their specialty.

PS: For Good places to post your Bio and become friends with other Agents consider these websites:;; and

PPS: My friend, the one who asked that I post this blog, swears up and down that this training was totally different than the previous one – they were identical… The second time he heard me the ideas that resonated with him were those he needed to hear.

Happy Blogging SmileKey Yessaad


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