Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 14, 2011

Why is the distinction between Marketing and Internet Marketing changing Real Estate at its core?

Many will tell you technology is changing everything and is morphing too quickly; but the essence of the biggest change is very easy to understand if one allows themselves to think about it deeply. During the irrational exuberance of the Real Estate Business there was no need to market properties – all you needed to do is post it in the MLS and market yourself. In fact a crop of Advertising and Marketing Companies emerged that were focused primarily on Marketing the Real Estate Agent and their Brokers. (and no they were not cheap!)

The mantra was: “You have got to Sell Yourself!

So most Agents and Brokers continued on their path of using Traditional Marketing without the realization that many smart players were positioning themselves on the Internet; These new players had shifted to Internet Marketing.

Here is the Crux of the Distinction: “Internet Marketing is NOT Marketing on the Internet!

You cannot approach the marketing of properties and of yourself on the internet the same way you print a flyer or a brochure for mailing purposes. The internet is not a collection of Listing Flyers tied with the bow of your personality…

Internet Marketing is driven by Search; in other words driven by the users (would-be customers) seeking solutions. A proper name for Internet Marketing is “Search Marketing” – and the most powerful right now is “Organic Search Marketing.”

Real Estate Agents must understand that they can no longer confuse all these ideas and jumble them under the term “Marketing” – Search Engine Optimization or SEO are the so-called means of creating this type of “Organic Search Marketing.” – I use the pejorative “so-called” because the term SEO has been relegated to techies and left agents mired in confusion.

You MUST understand this shift;

You can become responsible for your own Organic Placement;

and Yes – You can understand SEO and make it work for you!

Happy Blogging SmileKey Yessaad


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