Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 21, 2011

A Small Network just Niched itself a Milestone

No this is not a FaceBook Story and actors have yet to line up to play Jean Marie’s part of Charismatic CEO with elegant shoes and a sparkling smile; of course married to a dashing entrepreneur with a Metro-Sexual Chic and Mathematical Wizardry… Well at least not yet…

Drum Beat Please… just passed 500 Members!!!

(Can you see the confetti, the balloons, the screams, the crowd , the joy… No… Oh! 😦 I guess it’s just me!)

This minor step was in the making when a Regional Broker surrounded by her trusted team launched a Hub for their Real Estate Agents so they can connect, share, and work together to support their Real Estate Customers. They understood that as Realtors connect and share the latest ideas on websites, technology, Financing, Marketing, and learn from each other the consumer benefits.

It’s simple network really – Members join for free, and can share listings, blogs, pictures, videos, Discussions, Marketing Tips, and even Special Event such Trainings and Community Activities. This simplicity allows each member to bring forth whatever is their creative palette; they can even invite their fellow Realtors to join and be fully integrated with FaceBook.

So here is to you EXIT MidSouth for passing this big milestone!

“I wonder how many of these 500 Members will be inspired to reach 1,000 and by when… Hummm…”

Real Estate Network

Happy Blogging 🙂 – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Strategist

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