Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 21, 2011

Internet Scams, Pitfalls, and Gotchas Approved in TN

In November 2010 I designed a presentation for a broker, Jason Jacques in Brevard North Carolina, called “Internet Marketing Pitfalls, Gotchas, and Scams – what Agents should be mindful of!” as a way to thank him and offer it to his whole Board of REALTORs. We held it and it was a great success! Hearing of this, a very dear friend and Regional Owner George Styron, asked me to submit the curriculum to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission and it has just been approved for CE Credits.

Some have asked what is in the Course and Why should Agents care about it – here are some thoughts:

• The largest group of business professionals who are scammed by Vendors are Real Estate Agents.

• These so-called Internet Vendors and Website Services Companies rely on confusion tactics and the fact that most agents are not very technically trained. They basically show you only what you want to see and make it sound very enticing. In fact many highly technical professionals fall for these pitfalls as well.

• SEO and Guaranteed Internet Leads Vendors are fields filled with Scams – do you know what to ask?

• Many Real Estate Professionals are quite anxious at the process of internet solutions, the tools of Marketing Online, and how to use them to communicate with their clients; many of these scammers understand that and offer pseudo products that sound good but deliver no results. (Horror Stories Abound.)

• The Seminar is designed to reveal the most flagrant of these practices to arm the real estate professionals with the knowledge; then delves to the Questions they must ask before committing to any product. Many examples are used for each category.

Categories of Scams and Pitfalls covered:

1. Website Vendors pseudo-IDX Offers.

2. Lead Generations Scams.

3. Computer Hacking and Identity Theft.

4. Website Submission Scams

5. Email Marketing Scams

6. Domain Names and Sales Hooks

7. Internet Traffic Scams

8. Incompetent Web Platforms for Real Estate

9. Fake URL Scams

10. SEO Scams and Pitfalls

In fact I am headed to Charlotte North Carolina in the Morning to hold this talk for the colleagues of John and Angie Byers.

PS: When I returned back Home Friday the 18th from training in the Northeast I got violently ill from the worse food poisoning I have ever experienced. I share this because many of my friends know that I have a commitment to blog daily and in the past 3 months I have been quite good at it; some of them got worried sick about my welfare when they did not see a Blog Posting or a FaceBook update – they know I drive quite a bit. It goes to show you the power of Social Networking; we are now connected in a new way and share our care across thousand miles and oceans.

Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Strategist



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