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The SEO of Listings and How to build your Real Estate Inventory using the Internet – a Charlotte NC Training

Wednesday February 23rd, 2011
The Internet has been driven by the needs of Real Estate Buyers but very few Real Estate Professionals tune in to the needs of their Sellers – after-all aren’t our neighbors our local Sellers…?

John and Angie Byers, the EXIT Realty Broker/Owners of Charlotte NC, are inviting their fellow Broker/Owners in the region and their Exit Agents to attend a new training on Internet Marketing and Listings – the success of a long term career in Real Estate is driven by listings, yet very few agents know how to use their website to take care of potential Sellers. – REGISTER

The SEO of Listings and How to build your Real Estate Inventory using the Internet - a Charlotte NC TrainingMany will tell you that this is a “Buyers’ Market” and that would energize most real estate agents to focus on getting more Buyers – I premise that this is “FALSE”… Here is the Fundamental Idea: Buyers buy existing inventory – in other words, Listings that other agents bring to market. Real Estate Buyers are an important aspect of our business growth but Real Estate Brokerages who control and focus on their Inventory end up driving and enhancing their Closings.

The training I have designed focuses the Internet Marketer on Internet Farming – and shares with them strategies that when implemented properly build not only name recognition but tackle the fundamentals of Listings Visibility.

Location: Exit Realty South – (Thanks to John And Angie Byers)
4401 Barclay Downs Dr, Ste 1, Charlotte, NC 28209 – (704) 602-9900

Date: Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Minimum Participation of 25 Agents – Please Register Immediately – REGISTER

Duration: 6 hours – ample breaks will be offered.

Cost: $69 (please make checks payable to: Key Yessaad – Use Google Checkout for Credit Card Payments! Note a $2.99 processing fee applies.)

My Commitment: To un-shackle you from the fear of the internet and show you what your Buyers, Sellers and Google want… (Don’t we all want to make Google happy!!!) I will also give you a methodical plan of action to get you going or tweak what you are currently doing…

Course Description: (please read what follows to understand the intention of the course.)

I will cover the following topics in-depth:

  1. Can I use the Internet for Listings – everyone I know chases Buyers? (Answer: Yes!)
  2. If I focus on Sellers will I be able to generate Buyers? Pssst… Buyers buy existing inventory; if you combine the right listing strategy with the right Website (hint: IDX Feed) you will be ahead of 95% of your competition.
  3. The MLS drives all the transactions – can I do better?
  4. Can you share some sample marketing Blogs and enhanced listings that can help me with my listing inventory? (Hint: Yes!)
  5. Do I need to change my thinking about marketing to get better at the Internet?
  6. What if the future of Real Estate Career means the ability to get listings and market them – are you ready for that?
  7. How Can I integrate my Direct Marketing with my Internet Marketing?
  8. Do I need to seriously start thinking about getting a website to help me with my marketing? – this commitment must be taken seriously.
  9. Does syndication help my listings? and how should I use it?
  10. Can I use Paid Marketing, known as Click Marketing, to generate listings?
  11. How about video? Can you share examples of agents who use video to establish themselves in the local market?
  12. How Can I use the Internet to hold my Listing Presentation?

I will have plenty of time for all your questions… – REGISTER

“If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn

Real Estate Internet Marketing Trainings by Key Yessaad

Testimonials from Previous Trainings:

Jason Jacques - Broker/Owner of Exit Realty in Brevard North Carolina “Thank you so much for offering this training on web strategy. It is great to see your passion and enthusiasm. I would recommend any agent that has the time and energy to invest in their web strategy and their business to sign up for the next class available with Key. In fact I would recommend it sooner than later because one day soon Key will figure out the info is near priceless and he might try to charge what it is worth! (Ha Ha) You can pay thousands to the big SEO companies or you take the classes offered by Key and do it yourself.” – Jason Jacques in Brevard NC


Mike Grumbles - CFO EXIT MidSouth Realty “I attended the web strategy training with Key on Tuesday the 14th of July and the content and method of presentation was phenomenal, but I was totally sold when after following his steps, I got the first 5 returns out of 10 on page 1 of Google. That is 50% coverage on page 1 of the search engine that has over 72% of all search traffic, AMAZING. All I did was …… I can’t tell you! You have to join EXIT and take the course so Key can get your mind right for the Google Juice.”

Thanks, you have brought many things into perspective for me in Real Estate. I will stop the unproductive and focus on the productive again.” – Mike Grumbles in Tennessee

John and Angie Byers - Broker/Owner of Exit Realty South in Charlotte North Carolina


“Before we attended four of Key Yessaad internet / blogging / database / web strategy events in 2009, our internet traffic and leads “trickled in” on occasion. Within a few short months our traffic tripled and has continued to climb each month. We never worried before, because “we didn’t know what we didn’t know”. Now that we are “Enlightened”, we have formed productive web habits, our expectations are higher, and we are extremely optimistic about our expectations for increased web traffic (and Sales Success). Key was the “Key” in 2009 and we can’t wait for even more in 2010!” – John and Angie Byers in Charlotte North Carolina.


Craig Summerall, Broker/Owner Exit Real Estate Consultants, Lexington SC. Attended Real Estate Blogging Strategy in Columbia SC Thursday March 19th. “Key, thanks again for the outstanding training/information/guidance/and “kick in the pants” you provided yesterday, March 19 for the EXIT agents in the Columbia area. Your enthusiasm is tremendous and the knowledge agents now have will allow them to properly position themselves in their respective markets. We look forward to seeing you again in May!” – Craig Summerall in Lexington SC

The SEO of Listings and How to build your Real Estate Inventory using the Internet - a Charlotte NC Training

Web Link: The SEO of Listings and How to build your Real Estate Inventory using the Internet – a Charlotte NC Training

Charlotte NC Real Estate Training, Real Estate Listings Training, Real Estate Internet Marketing, Real Estate SEO, Real Estate Websites, Exit Realty Trainings

Key Yessaad - Real Estate Web Trainer and Internet StrategistKey Yessaad – Real Estate Trainings and Internet Strategies. My drive is to illuminate, empower, then turn over the process to my participants through Plans of Action that produce Results – Internet Marketing, when successful, transcends Websites and goes to the core habits of all Real Estate Professionals – You can no longer afford to ignore the place SEO, Social Media, and Internet Marketing play in your Day to Day business growth. Key Yessaad and SEO Blogs at (910) 367-5391 or (910) 538-6610.


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