Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | February 24, 2011

Your Heart must be part of Leadership

To be a Real Estate Broker/Manager is a very demanding job – and John Byers personifies this commitment best. I visited his office yesterday and held a training on “The SEO of Listings” and the room was packed; I loved being with him, his Broker Colleagues and all their agents. As I went on with my day I noticed a pattern, an empowering force and care I rarely see with other Brokers. Every time we took a break he would walk over to one of his agents and would connect and focus them on their intention; he made sure he walked around and met everyone for the love of it; you can tell he really loved being with all his agents and listened intently when they shared their vision and commitments.

So what are these qualities of Leadership that make him a successful leader:

1. Authenticity – when John tells you something you can trust it; he connects with you on the deepest level of your humanity and his agents love him!

2. He driven by the desire that the Success of his Agents MUST come first – it then flows to the agency when all the commitments are aligned.

3. Knowledge – John depth of knowledge in Real Estate is tremendous; he brings this depth of know-how to his agents and to his community.

Let me share with you his company 2011 Vision Statement:

“2011 is a Year of Abundance”

Excuse us, as we shake off the dust of austerity!

We are intentionally building our company with a focus to honor agent productivity and success.  We will stand out as a company of quality, standards ever increasing in market share and standings.  Our targets for 2011 are to grow to 80 agents closing 360 transactions for the year.  We are committed to help each agent to become wealthy with equities and residual income.

As a stable and proactive company we offer our sales team more of everything they need to succeed.  We offer more training, marketing tools, leads and technology than all other companies.  Couple these tools with a more personal mentoring system our agents are growing rapidly beyond what they have ever achieved before. This allows us to claim within our market place that, “you join our team and you will do better.”

In addition, we are a company of entrepreneurs, helping each agent build their business within our business.  By doing so, our agents and our company become mutually vested in our collective goals.  This company creates a win/win environment that we are very proud of.

We have the vision and desire to help our agents become successful quickly and build their business for the long term.


But if I were to be asked why John is such an awesome human being I would say – look at how he tends to his Bees… John is not only a Beekeeper with 6 hives and growing, he is also a Bee Mentor who also rescues Bee colonies; is that cool or what?


We love and respect you John – you are an awesome person!!!

Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad, Real Estate SEO Trainer



  1. Key – you could not have said it better! John and Angie both have such a servants heart – always looking for ways to encourage and empower their agents. They are wonderful TEAM players and it is an honor to know them.

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