Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 2, 2011

The Commitments to help you grow your Internet Influence

Today, Bob McKinnon and I, are the guest speakers for EXIT Realty Arkansas and Oklahoma and I plan on having a 2-hour talk on “Internet Scale and your 10 Commitments!” The talk will focus on the architecture of websites, the skeleton upon which one can build a Web Strategy that can be nourished to become organic and effective. This talk is not about what vendors offer and what website to buy – No! it is fundamentally focused on the framework and habits that Brokers and Agents must have – in others words the thinking one must have before even venturing close to getting a website.

Thank you Laura and Scott Roussel for inviting me and taking care of me and Bob – you have no idea how generous they are.

EXIT Realty AR & OK Presentation on Internet Scale

EXIT Realty AR & OK Presentation on Internet Scale

Here are the 10 Commitments for those you who may not have copied them fast enough:

1.   I will trust I can do what my talents let me do.
becomes: ”My talents can extend to my customer connections on the internet – I will use my website to connect with clients and serve their needs.”

2.   I will not react negatively to unexpected change.
becomes: “My Website is not focused on Good News – it is focused on the Solutions Sellers and Buyers are seeking.”

3.   I will take positive action everyday.
becomes: “My daily interactions with my clients will trigger ideas and solutions I can post on my website for the benefit of all.”

4.   I will make positive growth a daily part of my life.
becomes: “My local knowledge of communities, events, activities, and changes are the scaffolding of decision making for my clients – I will share them on my website.”

5.   I will not allow others to define who I am or what I can do.
becomes: “I will not be distracted by the noise and distractions online and will focus on immediate solutions for my clients.”

6.   I will not procrastinate in doing what I know I should do.
becomes: “I will blog once a week focused on my market happenings, statistics, and important changes to the local Real Estate Market.”

7.   I will not give up because things get tough.
becomes: “I will trust that my efforts online will payoff and use them to get more listings and offer excellent marketing.”

8.   I will not sit and wait for things to happen.
becomes: “I will inform myself using local news, local city and county codes, local real Estate changes, and thoughtful Internet Farming.”

9.   I will invest my time – not waste it or abuse it.
becomes: “I will recognize that lots of internet activities are consuming of my time and not beneficial; I will remain focused on my agenda.”

10.  I will strengthen my clarity not feed my confusion.
becomes: “Learning is a journey I undertake willingly – I will chose the appropriate mentors and partners in order to grow my business.”

Remember: “It is important that you bring your Web Services in-house and within your control; Make it a daily habit to implement Internet Marketing that solves your Real Estate Buyers and Sellers Problems – embrace your SEO and Internet Presence.”

Happy Blogging :) – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Strategist


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