Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 4, 2011

Have you organized your Internet Marketing?

I travel the country training on the topic of Internet Marketing and SEO for the Real Estate Industry and everywhere I go I try to find out the marketing habits of agents. The Era of Selling Real Estate the way we used to is fading while another is intersecting it using tools on the internet.

Are you a well-prepared agent?

1. You must know every step of Marketing your Listings; that includes taking pictures, videos, and writing copy. These are actually your best Internet Visibility Tools.

2. You must commit the the simple principle that the Marketing of Real Estate is the Vehicle for fostering Sales; and you must be part of that Marketing Online.

3. Your Marketing Must extend beyond the MLS – Internet Marketing and Blogging are crucial to your visibility.

4. You MUST learn to write compelling Marketing Copy that transcends the normal Listing Descriptions – include lifestyle and geographical descriptions.

5. Write down a System with all the Steps you will take in Marketing a property and make sure your Sellers know what you will do and why?

6. Learn to carry a video Camera like the Kodak Zi8 – they make for better Video Tours than Music driven Photo Stills.

7. You MUST have a pricing Strategy that is a shared vision with your Sellers.

8. Once you have a plan, trust it, and implement it methodically for every listing.

Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad, SEO Trainer


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