Posted by: realestatewebtrainer | March 6, 2011

Delegate your Real Estate Tasks Properly

To run a business is to encounter the need for help either at the Brokerage level or at the Individual Real Estate level. Agents need as much time face to face working with their Clients and brokers need the same working with their Agents. This one on one time is crucial and often takes the form of repeated phone calls, emails, texts, and when possible in person; successful agents are very adroit at this task and this is really how they grow their business; we are all in the “People Business.”

Successful Brokers are mentors to their agents and they spend a good deal of time working with them to grow their confidence, make better listing presentations, develop Business Plans that are realistic and manageable; brokers are are the people business too; They Get, Grow, and Keep Real Estate Agents.

This is why learning to Delegate your task to your staff becomes a crucial endeavor; and no it does not mean telling people what to do because you are the boss. Delegation is an art in and of itself; when done properly it empowers your staff to choose the project and complete it better than if you had performed it yourself.

So let’s look as some Key ideas – I will revisit this topic in the near future with even more details.

Some Steps for Successful Delegation:

1. Have Clarity about the Task you are delegating – This simply means that the project or task you are tasking others to perform is suitable to be delegated, and within the purview of the job description of your Administrator. If you cross the line and start abusing your staff by asking them to do menial jobs, or very personal tasks like buying diapers for your kids, you will lose their Respect.

2. Know the Ability and Trainability of your staff – Is the other person or team of people capable of doing the task? Do they understand what needs to be done. If not, you can’t delegate.

3. Explain the Purpose of the Task – You will get a lot more from your staff when they understand the “Whys” as much as the “Whats!” You may want to explain how it fits in the grand scheme of the position being held by the Administrator if it is the first time you are tasking them with the project.

4. Clarify the Stated Results – every task or project must have some kind of Result or Report at the end of it; make clear what results you expect.

5. Have Clarity on the Resources Needed to Complete the task – You must make sure that your administrator has all the tools at his disposal to perform the task properly; Don’t assume!

6. Agree on the Deadline – seek input from your staff as well as you must have a good sense on the time factor; if it is an ongoing task make sure you ask for a sense of time completion. Agreement helps make the project move more smoothly.

7. You must Communicate and Support your staff – Tasks come and go but proper delegation creates a rich shared purpose; make sure you are checking on the progress regularly and supporting your staff in areas they need either more training and just more understanding.

8. Get Feedback and review the results – It is important that your staff know how ell they are doing; you must review the stated results, get a sense of effectiveness, time assessment, and if the task or project hindered your administrator in other areas of their responsibilities.

9. Take Responsibility for failure – Credit others with Successes!

The best investment you can make as a manager is a highly trained and efficient Administrator; Your Business Plan will have a chance to get actualized and your results will flourish – Lead with Vision and Compassion.

Happy Blogging Smile – Key Yessaad, Real Estate Internet Strategist



  1. Great article. I think feedback and communication are the most vital when delegating tasks. Thank you for sharing.

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